Should I, or should I not?

  1. Ok ladies I have this little dilemma. I'm really in aboslute LOVE with the Manhatten PM. I love how it was inspired by MJ, I just love the overall look of the bag. I've come across it a few times IRL and I fell in love with it even more so than ever! The price is 1,450. Which is A LOT considering I just spent like 1,500 on a MJ purse and zip clutch. Not to mention I'm a struggling student. Long story short, I want it NOW, but I do have the cash to spare for it. But I have this HUGE feeling that my BF wants to get it for me. We've been together for 3 years now and since then he's never really purchased anything for me that's really expensive. I always give him ideas of what I want, but I'm pretty impatient and end it buying it before he gets the chance to. I buy all my Tiffanys jewelry before he can get them as a gift for me. Even though I know he really wants to. I just have this problem with letting him buying me expensive things, even though he wants to. Should I wait and let him get it for me? Or should I just buy it? Help!
  2. If you absolutely KNOW that he will get it for you then just wait and let him. Some times you'll appreciate things more when you had to wait for it. Thats how I feel about some thing I've been wanting but had to wait and wait...then when its finally mine I appreciate it even more. It will be more meaningful as a gift from you BF too.
  3. If you know your boyfriend is going to get it for you then perhaps you should wait. ;) You may want to hint that eluxury has it in stock right now and they have free shipping. Also if you are not in California or Tennessee there is no tax. Then if you are registered with a certain website (I just found out we can't post the name) you get 3% back in addition. :graucho:

    But if you are still uncomfortable with your boyfriend purchasing something this expensive then perhaps you should talk to him about it and if he still wants to get it for you then let him get it or maybe have him pay for part of the bag?
  4. You're right. I probably would appreciate it more. He will also get the satisfaction of getting for me because he knows I really want it. Thanks!
  5. It's not that I'm uncomfortable, we have this thing where my money is his and his mine. It's not the money issue, but for some reason I can buy him anything. For ex: I got him a LV wallet and buy car parts and such. I have NO problem with that, but when it comes to him buying me things, I won't allow it. I'm just weird like that. I guess this will be an exception. heh :graucho:
  6. :yes:
  7. I totally understand where youre coming from me and my boyfriend are the same way ...I buy him nice gifts all the time and he bought me a Tiffany necklace once and I felt weird! :smile: Oh well!
  8. ^ITA Great advice!
  9. Just wait and see. If you can indulge him a bit, why not the other way around? You deserve it!
  10. I would wait and let him get it for you, then it'll have special meaning as well.
  11. My vote goes towards waiting and letting him purchase it.
  12. i would go in with him 50/50.
  13. I agree...take him to go shopping one day and get into the LV store and keep talking about how you like it.
    Then wait a lil bit.
    If he does not get it for you then get it for yourself.

  14. ITA :yes: