Should I, or should I not? Help!

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  1. Prada lovers, I need your help. Went shopping today at Harrods and I was in awe of the newly renovated Prada store inside. It's sooo much bigger with so much goodies!!! :tup:

    :back2topic: I am in half minds re. this pair of boots I saw. Pics below. What do ya all think?? :confused1: I've a black gauffre bag and I think it goes well with it. The only thing that's buggin me is that it's pointed toe. I do prefer rounded ones. So should I? Pls vote!
    pradaboot1.jpg pradaboot2.jpg
  2. Oh my gosh, they're TDF! I love it!!!!!!! Def get them! I would love a pair of prada boots!
  3. they look fab :tup:
    I thought I saw these before online but I was able to find a little bit different ones

    yours looks much better
  4. honestly? I don't like the toe either. flat boots look better with rounder toes, pointy with heels.
  5. Being a western boot wearer, I don't mind the pointy toe with a shorter heel. I like them!

    Actually what's sticking out to me is the Prada logo. As much as I love it on bags and wallets, I'm not feeling on these boots.
  6. don't want to confuse but here is another one similar to this one

  7. Hmmm.. not loving that pointy toe, sorry.:sad: Like PP said, they remind me of cowboy style boots.
    These Pradas seem to have an identity crisis. They are gorgeous everywhere but the pointy toe. I love the rest of the boot, TD4!!! Darn that pointy toe! JMO!

    ETA... love the second pair of black boots Justified posted!!
  8. I'm with PP, don't like the logo. Just from a making your legs look longer theory (who doesn't want longer legs?) it grabs your eye too much mid calf.
  9. I prefer rounded than pointed toe. But I love that leather with Gauffre pattern. Sorry, I am not very hepful.
  10. I have a similiar pair and I LOVE them!!!
    Go get em!!!
  11. OMG i love them.
  12. Hmm, the pointy toe looks weird on this pair. Just my 2 cents. :smile:
  13. I am not digging the pointy toe. It's somewhat western looking IMHO.
  14. Seeing as I don't have Prada boots..if they didn't even HAVE A TOE I'd like them..I think they're sharp, stylish..they make your calves look lean, and I do like the logo..HOWEVER...Prada has a ton of killer boots out this fall..if you really like them..get them to secure your size..but only if you can return them if you find something you like are funny..lots of times they look better when you try them on...I'd get them..but that's JMO..good luck!!