Should I offer more?

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  1. Dearest all,
    I wanted to purchase this Vuitton Large Bucket bag from a fellow Singaporean from one of our auction site. I emailed her and we agreed on this certain amount for the bag. We were planning to meet up on this weekend to finish the deal. She asked me to bid on it and so she can end it and let other watchers know that the item is sold. I bidded on it yesterday but she didnt end it. There's a new bidder on the bag now and she told me that if that bidder can offer more than me, she would naturally sell to that person. But, we have already agreed on selling the bag to me, and I honestly feel quite upset and pissed. Should I offer more? :sad:
  2. hmmm. what she is doin is exploiting you and it's a crime as far as i know it. It's not right and it's not okay. do not subcumb to her threat. She is but a mean and evil Louis Vuitton seller who is the bad apple among us. If you really like, buy it brand new. Is it a used bag? and if it's a used bag, i'm sure there are tons of other ways that we can help. Tpf members are everywhere and should be able to help locate. Just hope she is not one of us. Take care.
  3. I told her that we have a verbal agreement on it, then she said the new bidder can meet earlier. I msged her back and tell her that if it's the time we're meeting, I can meet her anytime on the weekdays too. She's not replying. Shrugs. It's okay.
  4. You should NOT! Because it was a closed deal already… Not if she said, please bid! Right? Those sellers are very upsetting sellers!
  5. Well, the deal is off. She's not responding anymore. Nevermind, I can always get better deals.

    Anyway, iqaganda, when's your baby due? :smile: Baby > Vuitton for me ;D
  6. Honestly, forget about it - there will be another LV for sale that you want shortly! She's going to sell to the highest bidder - which is wrong if you mutally came up with a price - I don't know, let it pass!!
  7. That's so wrong! I'm glad you didn't do that. That's really shady of her.
  8. I wouldn't. What a ___!!!
  9. I'm glad you did not offer more... what an unethical seller!
  10. Yeah! Forget about it. I ever sell on eBay and if I agree to sell my item to someone, I wouldn't absolutely change my mind. This ever happended to me. I want those more money but promise is promise.
  11. oh no.... she's not an honest seller.
    she promised u a deal, she shoul respect it!

    back off, u can always get another deal.
    are u buying from singapore yahoo auctions?
    i find some sellers quite rude there.
  12. dishonest seller!

    its like tricking you into shill bidding! retract that bid!
  13. how shady. I would not deal with her. If you made a deal and she told you to bid, then that deal should be honored.