Should I Neg This Seller?

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  1. I never have problems with eBay or Bonz, so I guess my number is up... :rolleyes:

    Long story short, I spent $700 on two pairs of Christian Louboutins from a seller on Bonanzle. I paid literally within 3 minutes of her accepting my offer for both pairs on 9/3. Over the course of the next week, I sent several emails requesting the tracking number for the shoes. The seller finally responded on the 9th with an incorrect tracking number; as it turns out, she did not ship until that date and was extremely rude when I expressed my discontent with the shipping timeframe, as she had promised to send them out much earlier than that.

    When I finally received the shoes, they were in much worse condition than described and even had black Sharpie marks on the insoles over the Louboutin logos - this certainly was NOT disclosed in the listing. Both pairs were damaged beyond what was described, and the boxes which were supposed to be included were not. The shoes were just stuffed into a USPS box - no packaging whatsoever - and sent to me. I again emailed the seller and informed her that I was very unhappy about the misrepresentation of the shoes and the lack of boxes. After going back and forth with this seller, who again was very rude, she agreed to ship out boxes from two other pairs of Louboutins she owns. This was on the 15th of September when the shoes finally made it to me.

    Fast forward to Saturday, 9/25. I emailed the seller to ask if she had sent the boxes and told her that at this point I am requesting a partial refund due to the condition of the shoes and lack of everything that was supposed to be included. And this was her response:

    I'm a slow shipper what can I say I have life going on with visitors in town. As a courtesy I agreed to ship you boxes and I will. However I will not be granting a refund at all. You can send me the shoes back in the condition you received them for a refund or you can wait on your boxes later this week :smile:

    So the seller and I went back and forth again, she called me crazy and accused me of trying to get my money back as well as keep the shoes, but I won't bore you with the details of how rude/insulting she has been. So as it stands, I have two pairs of very damaged Louboutins and no boxes. I have never once left a seller a negative feedback, but I'm really angry at this seller and feels she deserves one. So what would you do? Am I just being a diva? I appreciate your opinions, lovely ladies!!
  2. She is rude, adding the smiley face on the end of her response doesn't' help any. If you're unhappy with the shoes, why not take her up on the offer to send them back for a refund? Was it a negative, neutral or positive experience for you? Base your feedback on the answer to that. If you're sending them back, wait until you get our refund before leaving any feedback.

  3. I would leave her a very negative feedback and detail your experience with her. She was not to busy to put the shoes for sale or accept your payment so there's no excuse to take that long to send the shoes in the first place or to send the boxes. And there is certainly no excuse for her to be rude to someone who just gave her $700

    Other people should know what a poor seller she is so they don't have to deal with her if they don't want to
  4. Thanks, Linda. :flowers:

    It has been an incredibly negative experience for me from day one. The seller started out as completely unresponsive once she had my money, and then became extremely rude at the point where she finally did begin responding. And yes, I agree, the condescending smiley face did not help at all - that really made me angry.

    I honestly am not in the position to send back one of the pairs, as it served as a DIY project for me. I am particularly angry, however, about the second and pricier pair, as it has the Sharpie marker insoles as well as numerous nicks and other damage to the python. Additionally, I don't want to be out the shipping and don't actually trust this seller in a refund situation... Idk. At this point, I'm just going to keep them and move on with my life...

    ETA: thebagqueen, I completely agree. I just want to make sure I am not being irrational here.... ;)
  5. if she misrepresented the items and doesn't appear to be working with you then i think its warranted.
  6. I'm sorry that you had to deal with this. Between the slow shipping, rude emails, neglecting to send the boxes and the undisclosed flaws, I think the seller absolutely deserves a negative.

    Could you please PM me the sellers ID so I can make sure to avoid her?
  7. Thank you. I will PM you the name, as I do not believe in calling sellers out on a public forum.
  8. If you're unhappy with the condition (esp. if they're in some way unwearable, or would continue to get worse because of the damage), I'd definitely send them back. Make sure to send them with signature confirmation, so that if you have to open a dispute to get your refund, you have confirmation that they made it back to the seller.

    Once they're returned and you're refunded, I'd be tempted to leave a negative, with some kind of comment and a little smiley at the end - everyone has a life, and if she's choosing to sell on eBay right now, she should make sure she has the time to take care of everything that that entails. JMO, though.
  9. Oh sweetie I am so sorry that happened!

    How did you pay for them----credit card or PP balance?

    The bad thing about Bonz is that PP has no SNAD protection. Your only recourse would be a chargeback if you paid by CC.

    I absolutely would NOT trust this seller! Even though she said to return them I wouldn't trust her to refund you once she had them.

    Can you put them on Craig's List?
  10. i'd return the shoes. With that type of customer service, she does NOT deserve your money.

    NEG the seller after you get the refund. Be sure to take pics of the item too prior to sending them back.

    PM the seller id too.
  11. Thank you, Marti and crazzee.

    I paid with the shoes via CC, so if I wanted I could definitely file a chargeback. I thought that a partial refund would be something that would be a compromise for the seller and I; however, she doesn't want to work with me apparently. I honestly am terrified of sending the shoes back for a refund and then having the seller pull something, then I would be out the money - hence I thought the partial refund would be in order.

    Marti, I suppose I could sell the python pair on Craigs List, but given their condition I'd never get what I paid for them. :sad:
  12. I would send the shoes back... you don't have to be subjected to a rude and
    unprofessional seller.. I would tell her you are sending the shoes back notify your cc
    with the shipping info and be done with this dysfunctional seller..take pics before you send them back and note the weight of the box etc.. who knows what she can say or do..
  13. I am not knowledgeable about chargebacks- I have never had to do one and I live in dread of being blindsided by one as a seller-- but in this case since the seller is being so uncooperative I would contact my CC company if I were you. See what they recommend. I know that they have their own set of procedures. It just sucks that you are having to go through this!:mad:

    I have all but given up shopping for shoes on Ebay/Bonz. The last two pairs (one Prada and one Loub) did not fit and the sellers did not take returns. I know my size in Prada so that was unexpected and the Loubs were my first so I was really shooting blind there. I will only shop now with sellers that take returns but just try and find any that do! I take returns on shoes only because the measurements really don't accurately indicate whether they will fit or not.

    btw-----are those your shoes in your avatar? They are sofa king HAWT!!!!!!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!:hugs:
  14. Neg her A$$'s a SNAD and she's nasty to boot! There are many civil ways of handling an oversight or screw-up but clearly the items were not as described and the packaging horrible and the timeframe incredibly slow.

    You're not being a diva at all. I think any reasonable person would expect to get an update on tracking within a week of purchase and at least have the shoes shipped in a manner where they wouldn't sustain any damage. You also sound very fair to me.

    I think u could definitely help out other buyers w/ your fb so that they will be forewarned on the service u received.

    If they're not HG shoes then send them back and start over; it sucks but so does this entire transaction. So sorry to hear it.
  15. I'll PM u for the name too and I disagree since this is a community where we can all learn and share what has happened in the selling/buying Universes out there.

    I personally wouldn't want someone like this to bid on my items let alone buy from them.