Should I move my ultrasound up a few days?

  1. I have an auto-immune disease that for purposes of pregnancy is handled like lupus. It's called Sjogren's Syndrome and it's really not much of an issue for me the rest of the time, but it has some risks for the baby during pregnancy. One of them is IUGR (intra-uterine growth restriction, basically small for gestational age.) So, I'm monitored really closely, and everything has been going well, but a potential issue has come up.

    At my 29 week OB appt., I measured 27 cm fundal height. Baby had clearly dropped, and I'd just had my monthly growth U/S a week before, and he was at 48% in the weight range, so nothing to worry about. My main worry was that since he dropped so early, he's going to try to put in an early appearance. Yesterday was my 31 week appt., and I'm still measuring 27-28 cm. So now the doc is sounding a little more concerned. It could still be the dropping, since he's really down there, or it could potentially be that he's not growing. I have an U/S scheduled for Friday, and my OB emphasized that this one will be very important. If there's a significant drop in the weight % or any indication that my fluid is low (another risk due to my autoimmune thing), I'm supposed to call right away.

    I'm just wondering if I want to wait till Friday, or try to move it up. Earliest I could do it is Wednesday, since my calendar is packed M-T. Everything seems to be fine except the darn fundal height measurement. Baby is very active, and they always say an active baby is a healthy baby. I had a non-stress test yesterday and they did an impromptu AFI level, since there were some indications that it might be low, and it was fine at 11. Weight gain seems like baby is growing. Is it worth it to move it up by two days? What would you do?
  2. If it will make you worry less, and put you at ease, then move the appointment up! I'm guessing you'll be stressed out until you see that ultrasound. So just for peace of mind, I would do it. Good luck and I hope everything is perfect!!:heart: