Should I? Medium Mitzi


Feb 10, 2006
Hello Ladies - I apologize if this is already in here, but I thought I did a fairly good search of the threads. I am seriously considering getting the medium Mitzi. I have the Mabel Hobo in Oak and wanting to add to my collection. To those of you who own it, do you like it? Is it light? Does it stand up on its own? Lastly, is the butter color beautiful? I'm worried about denim transfer. I live in the US, so browsing the stores isn't an option. I would order from NYC. Thanks so much!


Dec 29, 2009
Washington Crossing, PA
Hello Misslola :smile:

I love my medium mitzy hobo! I got her a few weeks ago from the NYC Madison Ave store and she is great. So easy to carry - she doesn't fall off my shoulder - I don't have the feeling of needed to constantly push her up (if that makes sense). I also think she fits nicely under my arm. Oh yes, since it is winter and i wear a bulky coat, she goes over that nicely too.

I don't know about the butter color as mine is Oak. Now, please note that the handle is bit stiff in the beginning, but she softens up nicely. I haven't noticed any transfer but then again, I wear her on my shoulder a bunch and she really isn't rubbing up against my jeans.

She is a bit slouchy but when I put her down, she stands nicely as the bottom spreads out a little bit - she doesn't fall over and lay on her side is really what I am trying to say when I put her down.

Oh, I can't wait to hear what you decide. i do love mine.

Oh yes, don't forget to ask for no tax since you don't have have a Mulberry in your state (or at least I think you don't but I could be wrong).


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Mar 3, 2010
Hi guys, have been seriously considering the Mitzy for a few months now. What about the fact the interior is cloth rather than leather? Is this a big deal to anyone else? I felt it somehow cheapened it, though I still can't help thinking it is gorgeous. Reminds me of the YSL Mombasa...

Emmy Lou

May 14, 2008
Dublin, Ireland
I loved that YSL bag, always have done, so sorry I didn't get one, were they out about 10 years ago? Anyway, I bought a slightly different YSL crossbody bag at the time in the sales, but loved the mombasa handle, could never get it out of my head, maybe that's why I have a Mitzy crush.

Love Mitzy, super bag, light and cool looking. It carries well, tucks neatly under the arm, fits in the crook of the arm too & you can use your other had to get stuff out easily, so no faffing around with flaps or straps. I bought the black med hobo before Christmas, loved it so much I just bought the oak for Spring. Great for day and night.

Last time I bought a Mulberry was 2 years ago, a little Somerset shoulder and Mitzy tempted me out of retirement!

I think it is good value too. Love the leather.


My husband bought me a medium mitzy hobo and gave it to me yesterday. The handle is very stiff at the moment but I have already started flexing it to soften it. I'll give an update when I've used it.


Nov 23, 2009
Cambridge, UK
Hi - I don't have the Mitzy Hobo in butter, but I do have the Mitzy Messenger in butter - the colour is lovely and vibrant (but not too bright) - I haven't had any problems at all with colour transfer - the pebbled lether is a lot more forgiving in my opnion than other leathers - it wipes clean very easily and doesn't seem to spot in the rain.


Jan 22, 2009
I bought a medium Mitzy hobo in oak last week and it has rarely left my side since! It's very light and yet has room for plenty of things inside (I can even fit my 11" laptop inside). So far I've found it very easy to carry, apart from when wearing a trench coat, which has a flap/button on the shoulder, which means I have to make sure the bag is not sitting on the button to stop it falling off. My shoulder strap is starting to soften up too. As the sun has barely stopped shining since I bought it, I think it was meant to be!


Nov 24, 2009
Mitzy looks like a beautifull and usefull bag to me. Most owners on here are completely positive about it. I'm thinking of one that could be worn messenger style; always struggling with shoulder or handheld bags hwen I take my 2 doggies for a walk or riding my bike or have to get to the supermarket.
Jul 9, 2009
I have oak and black and RN- RN gets most compliments is a beautiful colour and surprisingly easy to wear with most clothes- love the butter but worry about all light colours as I wear jeans so much so RN is a colour departure from my normal classic colours and I love her to bits


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Mar 3, 2010
This is great ! OK - so one last question. Medium or regular size, any thoughts? Also, how does Oak do if you get caught in the rain? And Emmy Lou, you are so right. I reckon the Mombasa is the best bag I never bought...


Nov 4, 2009
I have the mitzy hobo in Oak. I love this bag and is one of my very favourites. It goes with everything and is great in the rain too!


Sep 2, 2008
Northern Ireland
Late here, but had to say that I really really want a medium Mitzy hobo in oak. It's such a fab bag - great size for everyday, the leather is gorgeous, and it looks fantastic on. Go for it!


Jun 19, 2009
Medium Mitzy is top of my list for my second bag and this thread has done nothing to dissuade me from spending yet more money :biggrin: In fact it has just encouraged me:P


Sep 16, 2006
Should I? Medium Mitzi

Oh yes, I definitely think you should!!

I just got one last week (but mine is black) and I'm really thrilled with it. Love the medium size; it's quite spacious, yet not too cavernous; it sits under the arm really well (even over a winter coat) and both the style and durability of the leather mean that it's such an easy bag to use. I use mine with a bag liner, and I also like that she stands up perfectly on her own.

In terms of size, medium or large, that's such an individual preference. I'm 5'4", and the medium is the size I'm most happy with - the large for me would involve just a bit too much delving I think? Having said that,the ladies who have the large love theirs too, and it does give the bag a slightly different drape iykwim? Good luck deciding!