Should I make another purchase now or wait for F/W?

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  1. Hi!
    I don't know if I am deeply in love with all the colors so far but I think I still want to make another purchase. I hate when you don't buy a certain color because you feel iffy and then like a year later you're killing yourself over it. But what color :confused1:

    I was holding out for F/W esp. the amethyst (hoping it is very similar to the '05 magenta) :sweatdrop: but I don't know if I should make another bal purchase right not since F/W is not coming up anytime now lol!! I was shopping around for other bags but I always end up coming to the bal for some reason (second nature?)

    So what do you girls think? I would like suggestions if I should make another purchase on a bal or just hold out til F/W. If I should buy which color/style to get (I always have a hard decision with this one and pics would be awesome). P.S. I already have the EB City (I love brighter colors since my clothes are more on the simple/classic side).

    Thanks for your help!!
  2. Hold out for the fall colors there are so many great colors IMO! Good luck
  3. I think I would wait for F/W especially since you aren't in love with any of the current colors...I know how it feels when you are itching to buy a new bag but hang in there! Maybe you could get a little accessory to hold you over?
  4. ^^This is exactly how I feel ATM!!!:sweatdrop: But yes, I agree, I say wait it out!! There's so much to look forward to in Fall! Anthra, Amethyst, Sapphire, Rubis...:drool:
  5. Hold out, you can do it!
  6. Wait!!!!
  7. I say hold out for fall. If you were in love with any of the current colors, you would know it and you are not.
  8. Same with how I feel...
  9. Unless you love any of the current colour & MUST have it, you should hold out. Don't buy just coz you feel a need to buy another bag. Afterall there is a whole lot of colours to watch for this Fall.
  10. i know exactly what you mean. and because of that, can't offer you any advice. sorry! i guess we're in the same boat.
  11. F/W will come around quicker than you think. Wait if you can.
  12. Fall bags will be here in just a few months... I would definitely hold out. If you wanted any of the current colours badly enough to buy them, you'd already know. I've purchased bags just because I really wanted a bag in the past, and it never really works out. You're better off saving your money for all the beautiful fall/winter colours.
  13. I agree, or if you aren't as interested in any of the other colours now, you could go for a classic Black City! I just got a S/S 08 Black City and it's gorgeous! Makes me wonder why I waited so long to add one to my collection.
  14. if nothing jumps out at you, wait, it'll be worth it!
  15. hold out and enjoy the babies you have right now =)