Should I make an addition to my one Chihuahua family??

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  1. I currently have a one and a half year old shorthair female Chihuahua who is the most adorable (don't we all say that?:p) five pound little bundle of energy ever. I love her to pieces and she is my little child. I am contemplating getting her a sister from the same breeder and want to know the pros/cons of two little dogs vs. one from those of you that either have one dog, two dogs, or just an opinion!

    Please post your thoughts on this other than the obvious (eg. two dogs eat more more, poop more, cost more, etc)

    Thank you! :p
  2. Personally I think dogs love the company of another dog, especially when momma is not at home.
  3. I have a 1 1/2 year old chi and an almost 6 month old chi addition to the family. I was skeptical at first with getting another dog because Maya had been the only child with all the attention on her. I love it and I know they love it and each other, and it has gotten Maya more active which is great. However, Greta demands attention and she always tries to occupy my lap, which used to be Maya's. At first I felt like there was nothing I could do about it, Maya adjusted and would sleep on my legs, etc. but now Greta and Maya get equal shares. Greta just needed to grow a bit and become a little more independent. But Greta is still the most forceful and much more alpha female than sweet darling Maya who just lets it all happen. Luckily there are two of us so that we can usually each have one chihuahua to cuddle with and pay attention to when they are not playing amongst themselves.
    DH wants to get another dog, which again i'm worried about, I just fear someone being left out, or Maya feeling less important.

    Okay I've rambled on long enough. lol sorry about that, but all in all it's been a positive experience for all of us.
  4. When our chi was about 8 month old, we decided that we wanted to get another dog to keep him company during the day. My husband and I work all day long and knew how lonely it was at home with just the tv and radio to keep him company. We got another chi, a girl, and it helped ease our worries. By the time one of us would go home, the apartment was a wreck-pillows, laundry, etc. would be all over the floor and the two of them would be exhausted. I think they ran after each other all day!

    As they got a little older, I think they did not play as much and my boy chi would actually rather spend time alone. I have found holes in my walls that the girl dog ate through, she was probably bored.

    Anyways, I think overall, it is a great idea to have more than one dog. It really provides great companionship. You are making me miss my babies. i cannot wait to get them back from my parents when we move!
  5. Yes get another Chi!!! I am so glad I got a 'friend' for my Carmen...they are such buds!!! :smile:

    Not sure if you are interested or not, but I am considering getting a third in the distant future...I found this really cool rescue group that has alot of Purebred Chis and Chi mixes.

    It is

    Its in AZ but it has links to other rescue groups...good luck! Post pix of your new baby when you get him/her!! :smile:
  6. I think it would depend on how your dog feels about it. I've had some who was fine with a 2nd dog, then the ones (two specifically) who were the only children in the home for years never got over a it and was *****y to them the entire time. The one I have now is picky with which dog so that can be a factor also. She loves only white dogs and beagles (It's wierd she can tell the difference) that I know of so far, but snubs most of them. She's the same age as yours so I'm sure she'd grow into him/her. It was kind of funny, we had a 10 lb pom named Nita who was one of the snotty ones. When we brought in this little hyper pom to keep her company, taz would bounce around her constantly but nita would just make growling noises and go about her business. Taz still loved her despite her attitude.

    If your dog is that young, she should be fine with it if she isn't already.
  7. Introduce them before buying a new dog. Also take into consideration how she acts around other dogs.
  8. You know, I really labored over this exact same decision last summer.

    I wanted to get my 1 year old Chi, Faye, a sister. When I'm in class, she's all by her lonesome! Well, I found the sweetest baby on and I knew she'd make a perfect sister. But I actually cried the night before SO and I went to get her because I was afraid Faye wouldn't feel as loved anymore with a new girl in the house. I took Faye with us when we went to pick up the new Chi, Eclair. I got home with them and wondered, embarrassingly, whether or not I had made a mistake because Faye looked so sad. But after a few days, they were getting along very well, and are perfect sisters now. Now Faye has a partner in crime when I'm not around, and I have two wonderful babies!

    They fight over lap space, they'll nudge each other out of the good spots on the sofa, and will sometimes steal each other's n-bones, essentially play like siblings, lol. The only time they ever get snippy with each other is at night when Eclair burrows under the sheets and Faye accidentally steps on her, then all you hear is GRRRRRRRRR!!! :biggrin:

    Eclair has 1lb on Faye because of her added height, but Faye is still the alpha baby, and she can be bossy, but Eclair doesn't let her get too pushy. But luckily, Eclair favors me more than SO, and Faye just crawls all over SO, so in the evening there is a lap for each baby!

    I slightly considered getting another a few days ago, because I know I can afford it and can take care of them responsibly, plenty of space, etc. but I think two is the right number for me, personally! :smile:
  9. Wow Neeya! Thanks for all of the info...I am feeling EXACTLY the same way. Almost guilty in a way, that I am thinking of getting another little love bug. My dog adores me and I worry her tiny little feelings will be hurt. She gets along fabulously with all dogs, large and small so that part is not an issue. I wil not be able to introduce them prior to purchase because no reputable breeder would allow it for fear of Parvo, etc. Plus, the new fur baby would be coming from across the country.

    PLUS, now the BF says he really does not want another dog (even though he never has an ounce of responsibility for my Chi because she is my dog, not his). He said if we were to get another dog, he wants a male Chi.....I want a female for sure. HELLO!!! My dogs wear pink!!:roflmfao: Sigh....I saw so many cute puppy pics from the breeder too. I think it will be very healthy and good for my pup in the long run to have a buddy to wreak havok with.
  10. I had the same dilema when I first moved to England. I already had my female chi, Tulu, and I wanted to get her a friend to keep her company. We looked at a couple of different breeders and finally found the right one for us. Tulu had to stay in the states an extra 6months because her paper work was messed up and she couldn't come to england right away. So we had him alone for about 5 months to shower him with affection and to get him potty trained. When tulu finally got here she didn't like him at first but now they are so cute together. It took her about a week to get used to him. We kept them seperated when we were gone so that nothing bad happened to either one. They cuddle up together and they lick each others faces. If you do have a boy and girl you need to make sure that atleast one is spayed/nutured to prevent from getting pregnant. I am hoping to add one more lovely pup and then my little chi family will be complete.
  11. That's what I was going to say too. I think that our doggies love us mommies so much, but they love having brothers and sisters too, especially when we can't be there. The companionship is wonderful. I have three dogs and two cats. I think their lives are enriched with each other.
  12. For those of you that do have two they both seem as "loyal" and act like a shadow still?? My solo pup follows me everywhere and will not leave my side. Does this change when you get doggie number two??? Or, does it just mean there are two shadows instead of one?
  13. In my case I have two shadows now...unless there is something more interesting to chase outside.
    Max used to have everyone's undivided attention until Porsche came home. She is the alpha dog eventhough she is much younger than Mr.Max and can get a little too pushy. Max wasn't too sure about her at the beginning but it took about 3 days before they started playing and chasing each other around.
  14. It's funny how that worked out in my house. I have three dogs and two never leave my side. They even sit next to the shower door waiting for me. But they are girls so maybe they're just that way. My boy dog doesn't follow me around nearly as much.
  15. I have a 5 year old pug and we have really been considering getting her a sibling. I feel as though we may have missed the window though as she has been the top dog for so long. I think the age of your dog is perfect to add another member to the family. I am able to take my dog with me to work so she is rarely alone, but I know that if she were alone I would be pushed even more to get her a companion. As long as you have enough love for both, which I am certain you do as you took the time to post this, I think that another little Chi would be lucky to join your family!