Should I listen to them?

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  1. I really do need some advice. Some of the girls at the office where I work (the older ones, mostly) have been making a lot of comments about my outfits (and especially my shoes) lately.

    They say things like "How can you walk in those all day?" and "Must you always wear such high heels?" and "Dont those shoes hurt your feet?"

    Just to show you, these are some of my "office heels" (the kind of shoes i wear everyday)

    Just to be honest, I am quite used to walking in 4" heels so no that is not a problem, I wear heels everyday because I want to NOT because I must, and NO - they dont hurt my feet (not too much anyway LOL).

    Do any of you get these same kind of comments from the other people you work with? How do you handle them? What should I do - keep answering them or just ignore them?

    Any advice you can give me would be appreciated and no I am definitely NOT going to stop wearing my favorite high heels anytime soon.

  2. i wear heels all the time too, not just because i am short, but because i love how they look...
    and by all means, if those heels don't hurt you, then wear them.. (i am jealous tho, if those heels don't hurt, because anytime i wear pointy shoes, almost 90% of the time it will hurt)
    they are just jealous that they can't/don't wear heels anymore...

    and yes, several older women have commented on my heels back at my old job... they would be like, how can you walk in it? but they didn't say it in a nasty way...

    i just reply i am used to it and it's actually pretty comfortable.. :smile:
  3. just say that you were born with model feet. hehe.. someone commented me on my shoes before and i just said "but of course, fashionable women suffer coz of taste" (its like saying they are not fashionable so they will never understand) haha
  4. I say where what goes with your work outfit and fits your work place.
    I have shoes just like these [​IMG]and wore them to work all the time. I still enjoy wearing them in the sprng and fall with jeans.

    I say they all fit an office setting, so unless you're serving pizza I think they should work.
  5. The shoes that Bag Fetish mentioned above - who are they by? They are GORGEOUS!

    I have had so many problems trying to find a pair like that!
  6. My mom tells me that, but I love how heels feel and look on my feet :smile: So I just wear them anyways :smile:
  7. I think all those shoes are fabulous! I wear heels once in awhile to work and I feel great when I wear them..If I felt comfortable I'd wear them all the time.
  8. those shoes are hot!

    anyways, just tell them you feel comfortable wearing those heels. oh and of course give them the smile (smile-like-you-dont-care-about-their opinions).

    if only i can wear those high heels, and they are comfy, i'd probably wear those all day long as well.
  9. I am so sick of people--especially women--judging other people like this! They should tell you that you look fab or shut up! They are probably just jealous because you like to look good! If YOU like wearing heels, by all means, keep wearing them and don't worry about these kind of negative people!
  10. Maybe if you wore heels all the time you would get more comfortable in them - worked for me.

  11. I wish I COULD wear those shoes to work (or wherever). I spent a long time working up to 3 1/2 to 4 inch heels but my feet apparently didn't appreciate my diligent efforts and protested. Both my feet and my podiatrist made me get rid of them. I had a heck of a designer shoe sale on eBay last year.:crybaby:

    Of course with all my good heels gone, I've had the miserable chore of replacing them all with lower heels and wider toe boxes, so the count is back up to around 200 pair.:yahoo:
  12. Bingo!
  13. Exactly what I was going to say!
  14. ignore them. they could be jealous of how good they look or that perhaps they cannot gracefully walk around int hem on a daily basis. practice makes perfect for stiletto stomping.
  15. There must be something you are wearing or the noise you are making as you walk in the heels that might not be appropriate for the office. Take a look at what the others are wearing, maybe your skirts are too short and combined with high heels you could look like you belong more on the street corner than in the work place. I really don't know but read between the lines and take a look at yourself. If they all have a comment to make there just might be a reason.