Should I let my Kelly go?

  1. I have been managed to put a SO for a black 32cm retourne Chevrè de Coromandel with g.h. My SA called me a few days ago and told me my Kelly had arrived:wtf: I asked her if it was possible to keep the bag for me until april as we are in the middle east (d.h works here). She had to confirm with the store manager who did not aprove and told her that they can send it or that I can purchase the bag and pick it up whenever I want.

    The problem is that I have never ever tried a Kelly. So while I'm pretty sure 32 cm is right for me I don't feel comfortable wire money for something I'm not 100% sure I will love. I'm 5.1 and I want to be able to use my Kelly as an everyday bag. My Togo Birkin 35 cm is great but way too big to take out to fancy restaurants imo. Would you ladies say that a 32 cm Kelly will be fine considering my height and the fact that I want to be able to take her with me as an evening bag sometimes. Or would you strongly recommend a 28cm retourne?

    If someone is around my height and has a Kelly could you please attach pictures:flowers:

    I have to make a decision in 24 hours:shrugs:
  2. A black Kelly in chevre is TDF! YOu are sooooooo lucky! I think you will love the size as well!!!! The whole look of the Kelly especially in chevre will make it more formal than the Birkin IMO. Fabulous choice!
  3. Agree with Jag 100%!
  4. I Am Like 5' 1"...I Love 32's...a 28 Would Be Great As Well, But How Long Would It Even Take To Get A 28???
  5. I am 5' and have a 32 cm its the perfect size. Love it- I would not go with any larger and for sure not smaller... for me that is...
  6. Thanks Jag and Kellybag!

    I want a more formal bag as my Birkin is very casual in tan togo. But I feel intimidated to purchase this Kelly without being able to try and examine it. I'm afraid it will look too overpowering on me as I'm short:s
  7. you know, you can always resell it if you don't like it. --- OR return it for a store credit.
  8. Oh, that sounds encourageng! Do You own a retourne (souple) as well?

  9. I own the Kelly in my Avatar and two on the way which are both 32cm. Seriously, I think you would be kicking yourself if you let it go... I worry alot about handbag size because of my height and this is perfect..:heart:
  10. ^^
    Do you usually lean towards smaller or bigger handbags?
  11. When I was younger for sure small bags.. but now that I am older I think I prefer a slightly bigger bag. Are you familiar with the Louis Vuitton Epi Passy in PM?. Size wise the Passy is just a tad bigger...thats the only way that I can compare I guess.
  12. I am 5 2 1/2 and I like both my Kelly 32 and Kelly 28. I prefer retourne and think they do look smaller than sellier. I use my 28 more, but that is because I don't usually carry around that much stuff during the day and I prefer my bags to be as small/light as possible.
    I think a black chevre 32 retourne sounds really lovely and you would find it very versatile and useful. In this color I don't think it would look too big either.
  13. It depends how many things you put in your bag.

    A black chevre de coromandel is fabulous but IMO (which is the minority here) I think that the 28cm will be better for your body proportions especially if you want it also for more formal evenings. However, if you wear high heels, then you'll be 5'4" or 5'5" then a 32cm would be perfect.
  14. Koga, I remember I have the same size questions before I got my first Kelly so I can relate with this problem. The problem with you is that you can't try your Kelly to see if the size is right for you before you decide to buy it. I can feel your frustration.

    Well, you can look at it this way, if this way helps. You already have the 35 cm gold Birkin for your everyday bag, if you think you are not going to carry many thing on your Kelly during the day, 28 cm probably will be perfect day and evening bag for you. But then the question is will you be willing to wait for you next SO Kelly in 28cm? :shrugs:

    So sorry you have to deal with this, I would have headache too buying the bag without trying it. BTW, you can always return the bag after you try it if the bag is not the right size for you and you can use the store credit to get you the SO Kelly in 28 cm?

    Having said that I am 5'2" and I carry my 32 Fuschia Kelly in the evening too and I am loving it. But if you feel more comfortable to carry smaller bag for evening than the answer will be 28 cm.

    Good luck with your decision Koga. Please let us know your final decision. Don't get too stress out!:push: :yes:
  15. Buy her!!