Should I let my fiance know about TPF and register?


Should my fiance be allowed here?

  1. Yes, heck you don't have a say you PPH!!

  2. Are you nuts? No way you idiot!

  3. Take your time and think seriously about this life changing decision

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  1. Ok, this is a purely fun thread :tup:

    Its a tough decision for me, so I will lay out some pros and cons, and please feel free to add yours...

    • She meets some cool peeps to chat to :rolleyes:
    • She can get to know about the different styles and care information that makes this forum so great:okay:

    • I create a monster, obsessed with all things Balenciaga :sos:
    • I will increase her already fast growing picky ways :censor:
    • She will learn all my secrets
    • You will learn my secrets
    • I wont be able to bother peeps here on new ideas for future gifts :wtf:
    • I will be in the dog house (my fav place) for flirting here

    Have at it!!

  2. Yes, you should definitely introduce her to TPF BUT not until after the Holidays or she will find out about everything that you got for her!!
  3. What is a PPH? Also, is she already kind of 'into' Balenciaga or other designer bags? I must have more info before casting my vote. ;)
  4. i'm not sure if i would tell her.. only because of the fact that she will be so impressed that you know so much about handbags

  5. Oops I meant PHH not PPH... see what do I know!!

    She doesn't know Balenciaga yet from what I can tell.

  6. Yes, but does she like designer bags in general...I'm just wondering if you have some valid reasons to believe that she could become addicted to Balenciaga bags? ;)

    For the uninitiated...PHH = Purse Hating Husband
  7. Well, I guess I am the lone odd voter but a lot of us go nuts when we find this forum so unless you want her to buy 12 bags in a year...don't do it.
  8. My question would be does he have any valid reasons to believe she wouldn't become addicted? lol
  9. I say wait till after the holidays so she doesn't find out what she is getting for Xmas.

    And...yes, tPF is life altering. Since discovering tPF and Balenciaga I now spend my days glued to my computer....on the verge of financial ruin. LOL! Just kidding, but seriously, these bags really are addictive. You will indeed have a monster on your hands! But we are so much fun - are we not? :p
  10. I say yes, Look at Vlad & Megs.. they are a couple and they are both on tpf!
    I think its a great idea, but I think you should wait until after christmas, so she can't figure out what she is getting for christmas lol!;)
    But yeah, I think its a great idea!
  11. ooooh tough one.... do you want a bbag obsessed girl??? if not then NO WAY!!!!!! Oh your a brit in the US! I used to know a Jim long but i doubt thats even your name anyway! lol
  12. I saw wait until after Christmas as well, but if she is into designer bags then how can you keep this wonderful place from her! :smile: You could always open a new account in the future to "ask for future gift ideas" and she would be none the wiser. So it's the best of both worlds!
  13. I joined tPF a year and a half ago, and have gone from Chloe to Hermes and, as a result, spent the equivalent of a few family cars just last month alone (no, not in debt... yet). So... I really wouldn't advise letting her know about tPF, unless you are willing to foot the bill!
  14. pink, its a fairly common name really. I used to live in Hertfordshire :yes:

    Moon, you're a smart kitten! Smarter than me, thats a pretty sound idea! And I do think she will become addicted to Balenciaga, I bought her a Prada last year and she loved it.

    Roxane, I'm pretty scared of what I might create. But I think she knows some restraint, so maybe after 3-4 she will relax ;)


  15. Hmmmm, usually these things happen the other way around I think.

    My DH totally gets my fashion obsession, has expressed preferences for the Mulberry and Paddington over Balenciaga leather, and bought me several designer bags and more pairs of shoes than I can count, but I think he'd chew off his hand before he opened a PF account, LOL.

    Since I spend so much time here he knows about the group (or he'd think I was having an online affair, LMAO!! :shame:smile:. But I would never encourage him to join.

    This is my space and my gig and I like to have a corner of my life where I can obsess in peace :heart:

    Since you seem to enjoy this forum, I vote to keep it your own.