Should I let it go?


What should I do about my Apple Green Mini Twiggy?

  1. Sell it to fund the upcoming 2008 Turquoise

  2. Keep it! It is after all the 2005 Apple Green in mint condition!

  3. Give it a chance and see if I can find any use for it.

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  1. I bought a lovely AG Mini Twiggy not too long ago but am now thinking about selling it off to fund upcoming purchases.

    Admittedly the mini twiggy was an impulse buy as AG is my HG colour and I haven't even used it! I have come to realised though this is REALLY CUTE, it isn't very functional since it can't hold that much stuff.

    So should I resell it on eBay?
  2. I just think if you're not going to use it, might as well sell it for something more practical and let someone else enjoy it! But that depends on financial situation =) If you can afford to have it sit in the closet so you can take it out and pet it sometime...then i say keep it! =)
  3. I once got an 04 Marigold mini Classique. I never used it. It was really hard to sell too. I paid a fortune for it. I only bought it because I got tired of looking for a Marigold First or City and I was dying for a yellow bag! This was way before Jaune came out BTW...My advice is to sell Miss AG and get something you'll use.
  4. Sell it and fund the turquoise!! i had a mini twiggy...i sold it. it was soooo small! it also was the softest little thing i've ever had though:crybaby:
  5. Yup, I'd sell it too! You might as well get something that you'd really use and just wait for your HG to pop up;)
  6. You love the colour but seems like you don't get any use out of a mini Twiggy. So I say sell it. Get something you really want!!!
  7. agreed! i vote sell it and fund it for something you'll use more often.
  8. Definitely sell it!! There is no point in having it sit in your closet unused - and I totally agree with you that the mini twiggy seems too small to really be functional!! If you really love the AG color, eventually the right style will come along and in the mean time you can use the funds for something else :yes:!!
  9. Sell it! I had an '05 Grey Twiggy, which is one of my HG's, but I let it go because I just couldn't get into the style. I'm patiently waiting for the City, if it ever pops up anywhere, and if not, I'll get the Grey that's coming this Fall.:smile:
  10. if you don't use it, i'd say sell it too. the 08 turquoise will worth it, i think. if the mini twiggy is too small, i'd say, go for a bigger, more practical style.
    these bags costs too many $$$$ to keep them sleeping in the closet.
  11. If you want to sell it on eBay and your need for funds is not very urgent (08 turquoise isn't even out after all), I would wait for a while and the I would list it on eBay once B has applied the price raise they have announced. This way you'll probably be able to get a bit more out of it, and in the meanwhile you'll be able to thiink about it a bit more and see if you really can't use it. The first prefall colors should be in shops during june or beginning of july, and this is when their price increase is going to be effective.
  12. I would sell it. If you haven't used it yet, you most likely never will. It's just $ sitting in your closet!
  13. I voted to keep it and see if you can make it work. I know that lots of people sell bags to buy new ones, but you lose so much money that way over time. If you are going to buy something new, just make sure that you want to keep it for a long while.

    As for your darling mini twiggy, you never know. You may have an occassion where you find that it is just what you needed. I like to keep bags in different sizes and colors for that reason. It sometimes saves you from a fashion emergency!
  14. If functionality is lacking from the mini-twiggy, and you can't see your self using it 5 yrs down the line... then sell it to fund the 08 Turq. ;)
  15. I would sell to fund 08 bags.