Should I Let Go Of My White Lambskin?

  1. A month or so ago, I put my White Lambskin Flap online for sale because I wanted to use that money to fund another Chanel. However with the Sept increase , I'm not sure if I want to sell it anymore. The lady that wanted to buy my bag saved up her money for a while so she can get my bag. She's really sweet too..However here are my reasons why I should and should not keep it:

    Pros - my first Chanel :smile:
    it is beautiful, lol. This bag gets the most compliments from people out of all my Chanels.

    Cons - white lambskin is extremely high maintenance, therefore i do not use it often ( use it 5x a yr).
    - too small for me. i wish it was bigger.

    Should I let it go or keep it? And if possible, how much is my bag worth? I just want to get second opinions..I'm also concerned that I priced my bag for too low. Thank you, everyone!
  2. If you think you priced your bag too low then don't sell it. I've tried to sell my Gucci Pelham (retail $1200) and on eBay they go for like $300-$600. Which is insanely low!!! I might as well just give the bag away!
  3. kuriso - What a tough decision! There's always this sense of attachment to your first Chanel...I just sold my first Chanel, and it was not an easy decision. That being said, I sold mine because although I adored it, I used it really seldomly. There was no sense in keeping a bag in my closet that I don't use when someone else can be carrying it regularly! I used the money to fund another Chanel that I adore and will use a lot more. My suggestion is that you sell the bag and use the funds to buy a Chanel that better fits your needs...i.e. is lower maintenance and fits more. Good luck! :nuts:

    Poosdarling - I have a feeling the Pelhams going for that low on eBay are fake or really, really beat up. Buyers who can tell the authentic from the fake should be willing to pay fair market value for your Pelham, which is NOT $300-600. If you're still trying to sell your Pelham, good luck! :yes:
  4. its a reeally gorgeous bag but i think you should still sell it for a new one that'll give you more use. as for the woman who's been saving up, maybe suggest to her a higher price and tell her that the value of bags are increasing
  5. ah, i'm having the same dillema too. i have to sell some of my bags because i want to be more financially stable for the moment.
    it's hard, but i guess i don't use some of them for months, so selling it would be wiser :yes:
  6. You may have answered your question. White lamb is high maintenance and you use it seldom due to that fact. You don't want to undervalue the purse.
  7. Probably $900 resale value.
  8. As with first love, you'll have a special place in your heart for your 1st Chanel. I think selling it would be a good idea b/c of your cons. As beautiful and special as it is to you, you're not giving it the attention it deserves (because it's high maintenance and too small).

    Take pictures and let it go to a good home. But not if you've undercut yourself. Find another buyer!

    Good luck!
  9. oh man, what is it with first chanels?? I never use mine either and am debating what to do. I think since you only use it a few times you may as well sell and get something that you love.
  10. I'd sell it for a bag I'd get more use out of. Did you have an agreement with the lady to sell it to her?
  11. Sharbear: Thanks, maybe I'll try listing it one of these days. Hopefully your right because 300-600$ is just wayyy too low!
  12. not really an agreement. she knew that i wasnt desperate to sell the bag. originally 2 other ppl wanted the bag but they both flaked on me and the lady told me that if i didnt mind she would save money and then email me for the bag. im originally listed $600 but then with all the people lowballing, it became $550..awfully low price, huh? but it is a vintage but EXTREMELY GOOD condition. comes with everything except for the authenticity card.

    What do you guys think? Is it worth more? I'm pretty clueless...
  13. If the price is insanely low, do not sell it. It's rather worth keeping..