Should I let go of my Lara, Carla, Paola?

  1. Hi all,

    I am thinking of selling 3 out of my 4 Kooba bags. I have the Sienna in Olive, Carla in Chestnut, Lara clutch (pink and brown), and the Paola in tan. I am thinking of selling my Carla, Paola and may be Lara. I never used my Carla because the bag felt too heavy for me. With the Paola I feel like I am not going to use it any more. The only bag that I am not 100% sure about is my Lara clutch. Here is a picture: [​IMG]

    I really love my Lara but I have never used it and don't think I am going to ever use it. BUT, it is really nice and the colors are really yummy. The money from the sale will not make a difference in my life so that's not an issue. Can you please help me make up my mind? Should I keep any of these bags or should let go of them all? :confused1:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I love that Lara Clutch. I have it myself and admit it's not an every night out purse but when the occasion comes that is the perfect clutch.
  3. I'm a big believer in keeping one's life as clutter free as possible. If you don't use the bags and don't think you ever will, I say sell them and give them a good new home. You'll make some lucky bidder very happy!!
  4. Keeping bags in cupboards unused is a waste (says she with a few unused bags). I say sell them and free up space for a bag or two that you will use regularly. Bags are for enjoying often and not just for admiring at spring cleaning time.
  5. Thank you all! I listed all three of them.
  6. That is what the purse forum is all about, I say! It keeps you thinking straight!!! ;););)
  7. Wow. I didn't know they made a Kooba named Lara.
    I always thought this particular name deserved to be honored in a purse, and now I find out it does. ;)

    But a clutch! I'm not a clutch kinda girl, but at least it's pretty. :yes: