Should I let ebayer w/ 0 fb bid?

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  1. I had someone contact me regarding the bag I have listed, she states that she's new to eBay (no feedback) and that she does not get paid till Friday, my listing ends in 2 days. She does have paypal, I'm waiting on her to see if she has a confirmed address or not.

    Should I let her bid? This is the first BIG item I am selling.
  2. Remember: Everyone is new at one point.

    Wait and see how her communication is. That would be a big clue.

    Until you set preferences, you may get even more 0 FB bidders.
  3. I think I probably wouldn't take the chance. Yes, everyone IS new at some point but it doesn't mean I should have to help them get FB. They should start small by buying small things. Since it is your first big item, you have to decide if it is worth the risk. But IMO, the risk is mostly things like they have unrealistic expectations and that they give negative feedback for unreasonable reasons or without communicating with you first.
  4. some of my best customers have been new buyers. Some of my worst have been higher number bidders. I would let her bid and see what happens.
  5. I'm a new buyer. As such, I carefully read the seller's instructions about contacting them first, or having a confirmed paypal address, etc. All of the sellers I contacted gave me a chance, and for that I'm grateful. I would understand though, about a seller being wary, especially with a big-ticket item. Go with your gut on it and good luck.
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone! I'm still waiting for her reply.
  7. I just had a new (signed up that day) ebayer buy one of the purses I had listed with the BIN (didn't bother with an offer) and pay with a confirmed paypal account. I shipped it to her and she left me great positve fb.

    I always give people a chance if they play by the rules.
  8. Same thing happened to me! It's kinda nice because I think maybe the new-new ones don't realize that they can make an offer. Or maybe you just had a really great price for BIN!!! :tup:
  9. I'd see how her communication is. I've had some really good experiences with zero feedback buyers who have contacted me first. I've had a few too where they click the BIN and don't pay, but it was my fault for not putting the 'immediate payment required' on my auctions. I had one who did send me an email claiming she clicked on the BIN by mistake and wanted to know if I could let her out of the sale. How you click on it by mistake is beyond me, considering you have to go through a few screens to confirm the purchase, but whatever...
  10. HMM. she hasn't gotten back to me yet. I guess letting her bid would be fine, but shes also asking me to wait 3-4 days for her to pay, when I already stated "immediate payment".

    How do I retract a bid? Another 0 feedback has bid on my item without even contacting me!
  11. When I listed my item, I blocked users with no feedback, how was this person able to bid?
  12. I've had a few people with zero feedback win or bin on some of my auctions recently and they have all paid promptly and left me great feedback!
  13. You can't block someone with zero fb, only ones with -1

    I think the fact that she contacted you in the first place is a good sign that she's being conscientious.

    Don't forget that not everyone checks their e-mail everyday so give her a couple of days to respond
  14. Ugh, I keep having ANOTHER ebayer bid with 0 feedback without contacting me. I cancelled her bid 2 times already!
  15. Put them on your blocked bidders list and then they can't bid again