should I let a seller pay 4 days late

  1. oops, I am so mad, I meant BUYER PAY 4 days LATE?? for a $2600 NWT chanel 227 Navy patent reissue....she came in and bid with 2 minutes left and now cannot pay till sunday and payment is due Wednesday, 48 hours after auction end...ARRRGGGHHHH I am so mad, :cursing: WTF :rant: is wrong with these buyers? She tells me she cannot use her CC till Sunday but gives no more detial than that. Which probabaly means she is at her limit or some crap and cannot shop till her recent payment posts. And this is my problem why???? I need this $$$$ to pay a bill of my own!!! WWYD???? Or should I leave her neg feedback (which would be her first) and send a second chance offer even though it's $50 less? I can see cutting her slack over a $26 dollar item but $2600.....HELP! she should know better!
  2. Even though your auction says payment is due within 48 hours, I'm almost positive that eBay allows 7 days for payment. I know it's frustrating that she didn't read the terms of your auction, but I think she can report you as a nonperforming seller if you neg her & relist after such a short period of time.
  3. i think just give her a chance, she may really want the bag that's why she bid at the last minute. hope everything turn out good for you
  4. Well according to eBay policy the winning bidder has 7 days to pay for an item, and on the eighth day you can file a non-paying bidder.

    If you offer a second chance offer to another bidder, she can fill a NPS on you and you will then get a strike.
  5. I would wait and see if she really does pay you on Sunday. 4theluvof-it is right that eBay's policy is that the winning bidder has 7 days to pay.
    In my auctions I also state that the buyer must pay in 48 hours..usually this works out well - in some cases potential buyers have emailed me before auction's end to ask if they can pay on xx date.
    Hope this ends well for you.
  6. Ebay's rules state buyer has 7 days to pay no matter what the seller states in their auction. I would give this buyer a chance, At least she telling you what is going on
  7. If she would have just emailed me before she bid to ask if she could pay late, I would have said yes. But it's like she is playing the system knowing full well she has me in a she has hidden her feedback, it's like she is using the rules to her advantage, my guess is this is not the first time she has played this game. I think this is unacceptable... I am getting so turned off by ebay. My last item listed and sold I had a deadbeat bidder, no repsonse at all. when will i learn?
  8. I think you need to cut her some slack. Of course it's great when buyers pay immediately but it can't always work out like that. I think that the fact she emailed you immediately to let you know when she could pay and why is really good. Most buyers on ebay these days don't even tell you what their plans are.. it's a guessing game most of the time. Sorry about your bills, they can be very stressful but 4 days will fly by and if you have a late fee maybe the $50 will cover it??
  9. Maybe she's just waiting for her new cycle to start on her cc. I've done that before...and i always email the seller letting them know that i'll be paying in about 2 days because i'm waiting for the new cycle. Buyers have emailed me witht the same situation and its no biggie, they always end up paying.
  10. I understand your frustration and I could totally be wrong as I have never spoken to this person (obviously) but from what you are saying it doesn't sound like this person is trying to take advantage of you. To most people it is not that big of a deal whether a person pays in one day or four. After 5-7 days is when my blood starts to boil. Regarding what you said in a previous post: I feel it's the opposite.. if someone buys a $26 item from me I expect them to pay immediately as everyone should have that kind of money accessible, but when I sell very high end items I almost expect some people to need a few days to gather their funds.

    I believe that if this seller knew how much this was going to affect you she would have brought it up first. It doesn't sound sneaky to me it sounds as if she is communicating with you. IMHO. Also- if she came in and bid in the last 2 minutes maybe she wouldn't have had enough time to ask you about it?
  11. Don't worry about the late bid in terms of likely payment, I always bid at the last minute...and I always pay :smile: I usually win the auction that way, and I only bid on items I really want.
  12. ITA! but I think a bidder should not bid if they cannot meet the auctions terms which CLEARLY state payment to be made within 48 hours of auction end in bold red letters. It's as if my terms don't matter, and the buyer is now setting the terms. again, while I am all for cutting people slack and have before, she only told me "credit card issue" was very non=specific in that regard and never bothered obviously to see if she had a working credit card with available credit. My auction did not state, pay in seven days or when you have available credit. If was willing to wait that long, i would have stated such in my listing is all I am mad about
  13. two days I can see and I would oblige and have in the past, but seven??? it's like "holding" it for someone till they have available credit. again, how is this my obligation? it's jsut wrong IMO!
  14. I know I should be grateful at least that she emailed me, but she kept me hanging all day when I asked to be contacted with their payment method within 24 hours. I always do this on high value items.
  15. Here's what happened to me recently:
    I had been watching a Stam bag for ever and I FINALLY decided to just go for it, I was really excited and used the BIN.. I went to pay using my CC (which I had never done before - I used to just pay with my balance until I started coming here) well it wouldn't let me! I hadn't entered in my code yet, I had no idea about the code so I wasn't expecting this to happen and paypal said it can take up to 4 days to show up on my statement. It took me four days to pay from when I bought it due to my "credit card issues". Have you tried asking her what the CC issues are to see if it's something that makes sense? I know it's not your job to do so but maybe it will give you some peace of mind to know it's something she didn't for see?