should i leave the tassles on?

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  1. i got the love letter satchel from nordstrom rack in gray suede. i dont know why it looks a lot lighter in the pics where the celebs are wearing it, i guess it's cuz of the sunlight and i havent worn mine outside yet. im 5'2 and it's on the shortest length so the tassles on the bottom seem a bit to long to me. :P

    should i remove them all or keep them all one or just remove the 2 on the bottom? lol

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  2. I like it better without tassels. I'm a tassel fan, but on some bags I actaully think it looks better without. It's all personal preference though. Take them off an try it out. They are easy to put back on. :yes:
  3. I love this bag with the tassels!! I wanted to try this bag in suede but was so chicken!! LOL! Congratulations to you! It's gorgeous!
  4. thanks!
  5. i actually think i'll just take off all the tassels, but now it seems kinda plain. :P
  6. With!