Should I leave Negative Feedback?

  1. One of my auctions finished last weekend (a Gucci Bag). The winning bidder did not pay for the item so after a few days I sent them an email saying that I would appreciate receiving payment in the next 3 days - this is the reply I got -


    This bidder has 0 feedback - should I leave them negative feedback and put their feedback score to minus or just forget it and not leave any feedback.

    I don't like leaving negative feedback really so I am tempted to leave it but what if she makes a habit of it!!:wtf:
  2. Definately deserves a neg. I know some people are wary of doing the same as they may retaliate with a neg. However that is what the feedback system is for - I would want to know what they are like so I could block them from my auctions.

    Yes luxuries should come after paying bills etc but why the hell did they bid?
  3. A bid is a contract/binding agreement, and non-paying is a breach of contract! It depends on how comfortable you're on leaving negative. Good luck.
  4. That's absurd. She shouldn't have bid on a luxury item then. Negative all the way.
  5. File the NPB and if she does not respond to it before you get your fees back you can neg her without fear of retaliation. Filing your NPB is FAR more important than a neg because she needs three NPB strikes to be booted off eBay
  6. Leave her a negative.. someone has to teach her a lesson. For all you know, shes could be doing it to other sellers.
  7. Never be afraid to leave a negative. If something like this happens or you have a crappy seller/buyer its your duty to inform other ebayers of them.

    I can think of about a hundred cases where I've seen negative feedback left on a 100% positive ebayer only for the flood gates to open & lots of other negs for the same reason as the first (eg, late/expensive shipping, item not as described etc) to follow. its like once one person does it, others feel safe to be honest too.
    I never worry about getting a neg in return. I can explain it & often just saying 'liar, check out his feedback' is enough to show people I'm not the one lying.
  8. Yes of course!
    Short and sweet
    "Non paying bidder"
  9. I agree with mooks - wait to file a NPB first and then neg. I've had two so far that haven't responded to my NPB, and as soon as I neg and they realize they can't neg me back, they pay up. So definitely file that NPB!
  10. ITA

    when I leave a neg and get it back in retaliation I just respond to the neg with "retaliatory feedback, etc etc etc" then give a quick explaination
  11. def leave a neg !
  12. Sorry but why leave a neg BEFORE the NPB has been completed?? If you neg an NPB who has not responded then they CAN'T retaliate!
  13. Ummmmmmm to warn others?
  14. whats the point of leaving a negative you will only get one back
    put it down to experience and move on
    Your reputation is worth more than this one transaction that didnt work out
    Its life and it isnt the end of the world at least they responded
  15. Totally disagree. Re-read post from ParkAvePrincess