Should I leave Louis for good?

  1. I went through a phase last year during which I was enamored of Louis Vuitton. I have slowly lost interest in the brand for various reasons, but now I am wondering what I should do with the purses, of which I have a few. I'm just sick of the whole monogram as advertisement and the associations, both positive and negative, that many people have with the brand logo, and am now craving logo-less, monogram-less, name-less (well, at least not splashed on the bag) purses. What would you do in my situation: sell the purses and use the funds to buy other kinds of purses or hang onto the purses, just in case I change my mind later?
  2. Sell them after Feb. 1st...that's when LV hikes up their prices again and use the money you make to buy new purses. Nothing wrong with getting rid of the old and in with the new. =)
  3. I would sell a majority of the bags and keep one or two that you like the best and get bags you're in love with. I have kept my 2 keepalls and 1 LV bag. I sold everything else (I had a lot of LV at one point).
  4. ^I agree. Are there a few that are really just perfect for you that you can keep?
    Maybe in small doses you can enjoy them again{?}

    I'm not a huge fan so I won't ever collect them, but I love my BH. So even though Chanel has my heart, I can't cant how perfect this one LV is for me.
  5. I went through this with COACH~ I had at least 13 Expensive COACH bags. Not the small ones...etc... I sold them ALL except the Black Daphne. I then bought LV bags because that is what I chose to get into. I only have 2 monogram bags and the rest are Epi (less conspicious) IMO. Use the money for whatever floats your boat. If you are not into them and won't use them ...on to better things for you to enjoy. Good Luck my friend!:flowers:
  6. :s
    You totally just described me too!
    I'm done! I have some Suhali I'll keep and some vernis, but I'm ready to let the whole rest of the lot go...( which is so weird if you knew how much I was into LV)
    I'm totally enamored with Chanel now ...but don't want to go bonkers buying like I did with LV.

    Seems eBay is a bit difficult so I don't really know where to sell my LV?
  7. I agree--after a few years I ended up keeping just my Speedy 35, Montsouris GM (awww, what a workhorse, I heart that bag), and a couple of accessories (including a very well worn French purse).

    Right now I'm slathering after a Hayden-Harnett saddlebag, not least because it isn't plastered all over with the logo.
  8. Yeah just hang onto a few key pieces. The good thing is that LVs stay classic in their style and pattern (yes, even though you aren't into it anymore), so even if you DO decide to break them out again in a few years, they'll still be great to carry and use.

  9. I have sold all my COACH and LV on eBay....knock on wood;) The other option you have is an online consignment shop. There are a few:
  10. Well that depends on how many you have....if you have a bunch, maybe save 1 or 2 that you really like and sell the rest, def after Feb 1st. :yes:
  11. Sell the ones you know you def. won't carry and keep a couple you might carry again. What bags are you into now?
  12. Thanks for all of the input, gals! What is weird is that I never really liked Chanel, Fendi, or even Coach bags, but now I am lusting after them in weird ways. Yes, Chanel sometimes has GIANT logos on their bags, but for some reason, it doesn't bother me as much. I don't have very many bags (only three), and some accessories, like a wallet and an agenda, as I had done an earlier culling of the herd after my initial fascination with the brand. I forgot about the Feb. 1st price increase, so I'll definitely wait until then. I plan on hanging onto one bag, but I'll have to think about the others.
  13. I replaced my Vuitton with Chanel over the past six years. I still do have some of the great iconic pieces in Epi, like the Malsherbes, St. Jacques Shopping, Alma and so forth, but monogram, no. I got fed up with the print being so over exposed, and prefered a more low key look. Ebay is a super venue for selling, I sold my extremely beat up trunk last April, and was floored that there was such a demand for old vuitton. Incredible.
  14. Give them away to your friends and family.
  15. You just described my situation last year! I just loved the mono bags for a while but after joining PF and seeing how mayn beautiful bags without a logo out there I sold every LV bag I had to buy Balenciaga, BV, Chloe and in 2 weeks my first Chanel will arrive. I never ever regreted this desicion but I just bought the denim baggy pm because IMO the logo isn't that obvious and I always loved this line. I still love their accessories and I kept them all.
    I'm sure that you won't regret selling them and buying bags that are more you.