Should I leave feedback for unpaying bidders?

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  1. Lately I have had quite a few unpaying bidders and it's really getting on my nerves. I also find it really frustrating that it doesn't say on someone's feedback page that they did not pay for items. In just the last two weeks I've had someone with 50 and 100% positive feedback and someone else with 81 feedback simply ignore all my e-mails and ignore my disputes. Since I cannot give them negative, do you think I should leave a positive that says the bidder did not pay in the comments? I looked in the ebay feedback policy and it said that they cannot leave me neutral or negative feedback since they did not pay. Has anyone tried this before? Or if not, any thoughts on whether it'd be helpful?
  2. you could put, "thanks for not paying " maybe ?
  3. I have been having quite a few NPB recently since ebay has removed the seller's rights to leave negative feedback! I suspect people are bidding on multiple auctions with similar items and only paying for the one that comes out the cheapest...

    I have been leaving feedback in capitals saying ***NEGATIVE FEEDBACK!! NON PAYING BIDDER!!!**** I haven't had a negative back from any of them yet... I think it's unfair that other sellers aren't aware of these people!

    Hope this helps!
  4. That is very frustrating! We are left with no recourse and the people breaking the rules are protected :o(
  5. Have you been going through the non-paying bidder dispute process? You should definitely do that, because you could at least get a mutual withdrawal to get your listing fees back, or get eBay to give them a NPB strike.

    I think actually NPBs _can_ leave you feedback if they respond to the dispute (ridiculous as that is), so I would just be aware of that.
  6. I would defenitely do that is so frustrating not being able to leave any neg. or neutral feedback for buyers as a seller but I´d put it in capital letters just like higherheels suggested!


  7. Has Ebay removed those false positives or given you a warning or anything for leaving them?
  8. ^ that's right. leaving a conflicting feedback (positive fb with negative content) is against the rules. they can apply to have the conflicting feedback removed. i would suggest filing NPB instead and get a strike against them.
  9. Good question. There is something in eBay's feedback policy that you are not supposed to leave conflicting feedback where there is a negative comment on a positive feedback. I believe eBay can warn you or even suspend you for doing so. I know it sucks, but that's eBay for you!
  10. They haven't removed my negative-positive comments as far as I can tell, nor have I had any warning about it.

    I know it's against their rules, but 9 times out of 10, nothing happens when a NPB is filed! I think it's completely unfair of ebay to remove a sellers right to leave a negative feedback, especially in the case of difficult buyers, or buyers who do not pay/respond to any means of contact. I would rather take a risk of getting a caution to be able to warn other sellers of a bad ebayer.

    Perhaps I will get a slap on the wrist soon, I'll let you all know if I do! :yes:
  11. Yes, I've gone through the unpaying bidder process and received my fvf and listing fees, but I think that sellers should have some way of seeing that buyers never paid. I actually do kind of agree with not being able to give them negative feedback (since retaliating bad feedback has been such a problem)...but that would be as long as they pay. I think what I would like to see would be some kind of tally at the top of the feedback page showing how many times they've received strikes for being an unpaying buyer, but since that isn't what happens, I'll settle for leaving an obvious feedback comment saying that they didn't pay.
  12. Have you reported the item as a non-paying bidder? I would follow that process and once it is closed and the FVF is credited to your account leave a comment such as "item never paid for, filed Non-paying bidder."

  13. Sara, doing this is strictly against eBay's feedback policy. When reported, this can get you banned from selling on eBay altogether. Non-paying bidders strikes don't display anywhere, but when they get more than one they are banned from buying. Unfortunately, they just set up a new eBay id and go at it again. Sellers now have zero recourse on eBay for NPB other than to get their FVF back via the dispute process. This is why sellers are leaving eBay for other selling sites - because they are not only being treated unfairly by eBay and Paypal, they are also getting scammed left and right.
  14. It sucks not being able to give the bad buyers a negative when they deserve it. I wish there was some recourse that is fair for both parties. When the rules are biased and unbalanced, people resort to doing...things. I know of one case where the Seller went as far as buying a cheap item from the Buyer (a coupon) and then leaving a negative. The Seller was wrong in this case too. Not good.