Should I leave a Negative???

  1. I sold a Pucci top on Ebay to someone that bid on it right after it was listed...she won the item, so I then sent her an invoice. No reply.....
    I let a few days go by, and sent a very nice message asking if she had recieved my first invoice, or did I need to send another. No reply....
    I waited a few more days and sent another very nice letter stating that my auction terms asked for payment in 3 days, but if she needed more time to please let me know. No reply....
    I then filed a NPB with Ebay, and sent her a final e-mail saying that I had not heard from her, but wanted to give it one more try before leaving feedback. This was her reply:
    Hi Anne,
    I aplogize for not responding. I've had a family crisis that forced me to leave town. I have not had been able to get on line until now. I will have to put everything on hold for now, I hope you can understand

    ] I don't want to leave a negative if she had an emergency, and the item was small....should I just leave a neutral? Or maybe nothing at all???
  2. You will want to check this with the eBay help desk or whatever they call it, but I believe there is a thing where buyer and seller can mutually agree not to complete a transaction.

    If I am right, and there is such an animal, I would ask her if she would like to do that, and if you don't get a reply, ask the eBay people if you can take her "put everything on hold now" as consent to void the transaction, and let you put your merchandise back up for bidding, and just not leave any feedback for her at all.
  3. if she didn't reply to the npb dispute then you can go ahead and claim your fianl value fees back. You wouldn't need to file a "mutual cancellation" on top of that.

    most people reply to NPB disputes if they log in becuase they pop up in red letters so the fact she didn't reply to it suggests that she hasn't been online.

    However, just to check her story, you could do an advanced search to see if she has bid on anything or sold anything recently. if she has been active, leave her a negative. if she appears to be telling the truth, I wouldn't bother to leave any feeback, JMHO.
  4. If you're a seller, then negative can hurt you. Best to ignore it and leave nothing. I am a buyer only. I have 1 neg. I got it from buying and returning a fake. I think a neg. or 2 is good for a buyer to have. Lets those fake sellers think before they deal with you. I have had mail from a few hinting that I may not want to bid.
  5. I have to say...she may be telling the truth...3 years ago tomorrow the same thing happened to me! I was at work...scrolling around ebay, made a bid, and 3 hours later my father died so very unexpectantly. I did not get back on the computer or work for that matter for 6 weeks. When I did get back on the sellar had left me nasty feedback. (It was over hello kitty toilet paper as a joke gift for a friend) anyway...I hope it all works out. Sadly life gets in the way of our shopping sometimes! :smile: You seem to have been very kind to buyer which is nice.
  6. Hi Anne....I would recommend checking her history lately to make sure it wasn't buyers remorse. If she hasn't bought or sold anything then I would just leave it alone. Get your final value fees back....I would also recommend putting her under your blocked bidders list (just in case she was a buyers remorse kind of person)!
  7. I leave negs when they don't pay. It may seem heartless, but I hear that excuse so many times to where I'm at the point where I could care less what happened
  8. I decided not to leave any feedback at all! In the big picture, whether she is lying or not...I decided it wasn't that big of a deal.....thanks for the advice...and to Sunshine....sometimes life seems to get in the way of shopping...I am very sorry about your Dad!!!
  9. I would do this too.
    If she hasn't had any transactions, leave it but you'll get your fees back and it won't reflect negatively on either of you.
  10. I hope that someone would not lie about a family crisis. A few months ago a similar thing happened to me but I was the seller. We recieved a call that my DH father was in the hospital and would not make through the night. We packed a bag got in the car and drove to Missouri from Texas in 10 hours.
    My mind never even thought about my listing on Ebay. When I was able to I emailed the buyer from MO and explained the situation and offered to refund her money if she could not wait until I returned. Some people are compasionate and she understood. My father-in-law did pass on. When we returned a week later the buyer was promptly mailed her item. I think what you did was great not leaving a negative for something that could not be helped..:flowers:
  11. I feel the same way. It's so easy to use the ole "family emergency" excuse. If everyone who said they had one really did, we'd be overrun with emergencies!:P
  12. i can usually get a vibe from the person and figure out their sincerity.
    i'm usually a fairly easy person to buy from and pretty much always give them the benefit of the doubt. things definately DO come up and i understand that (like the girl who was in new orleans when katrina hit...obviously, i'm not going to leave her a negative for not paying).
    but people definately use excuses far too often. i think people should just own up and tell the truth.