Should I keep???

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  1. OK, I got my grass green city on Thursday and I'm just not feeling the love. I've looked at it a couple of times, but I haven't put my stuff in it, and I haven't wanted to carry it. Do you think that means it's not for me? Should I send it back and wait for the marine? :confused1:

    I just don't feel any :yahoo: or :love: over it??
  2. Send it back. What's the prob w/ it? Size, shape, color? Too bright? Let's see a pic
  3. Send it back if you're not feeling the love. I don't like the colour myself.
  4. what's wrong with it?
  5. Jem - I can't put my finger on it. I'm just not excited about it for some reason????
  6. i would send it back if you're not feeling it!

  7. hmmm...the only thing about exchanging it at BalNY is that you only get 2 exchanges ever....can you see if a local store has marine before you send it back?
  8. the only local store is Barney's and as of Friday they didn't have marine yet....
  9. here's a pic
  10. ooh! its gorgeous!:love:
  11. Well, I love it, but if you don't love it, return it. That's what matters. You have to love it. It's far too much money to keep something you don't love.
  12. Send it back - you should love it!
  13. I agree with everyone else--send it back. You need to love the bag fro that kind of $$$, plus, if you are iffy about the color, you will never wear it!
  14. Definitely send it back! I personally think that Jem got it right with that color, it looks great in the First. Maybe it's too much green in the City?
  15. Hmm, hard to say, I like it, don't love it. But then again, I'm pretty boring and only buy neutralish bags and would probably never buy a color color, but that's just me. I will say though the leather is very pretty, from that pic it kinda looks so uniform that the bag lacks character. This could be just the pic. If you don't love it take it back and get the one you love!