Should I keep wallet?

  1. I just got the greige city bag and also the wallet which was 505.00 from Aloharag. Now I`m wondering if the wallet is worth all the money I paid for it? It is the large zip around in the same color.I keep thinking maybe I could have gotten some other more reasonable one. Would appreciate your thoughts.:s :shrugs:
  2. I never buy matching wallets - I have never understood how a little ol wallet costs almost as much as a hand bag :confused1:

    I would rather have more bags :P
  3. You know I considered getting the wallet, too but when I considered that it was 1/2 of a bag, I thought I would rather spend it on a bag. My wallet gets pretty beat up so I end up replacing it every few years. Actually looking for one now in the $200 range. Any suggestions?
  4. I really love the Bal wallets. I got the money wallet, it's smaller than the compagnon and fits my needs, not too complicated. I didn't get mine to match my bag's color. i just love how classy yet edgy it is. True, it's really expensive for a wallet when you think about it. But, I decided since I was spending that much on my first Bbag I should just go all out and be crazy!
  5. I love the balenciaga wallets...I have it in its versatile and can be matched with other bags.....I say keep it....its gorgeous....or exchange for another color.....darker color....
  6. My favorite wallet of all time is Marc Jacob's zip clutch wallet. I have wallets from Prada, Gucci, several Kate Spades, a cherished Channel, and several LVs but nothing beats my Marc wallet! It holds a lot or a little and looks good enough to be used on its own. I've had mine for at least 4 years and it still looks great. :wlae:
  7. leather, i say keep it. i have the can be used as a clutch too. no matter which bbag i use i always carry my compagnon. it's a staple!
  8. I vote to keep it. The greige is a pretty and neutral color to have it in too. Easy to find in a black lined bag. It is serves a dual purpose: wallet and a clutch. But it all is really up to you.
  9. I have to agree, I love my MJ zip clutch!:yes:
  10. Is the one that is $395? Where do you put change and does it wear well?
  11. I think the wallets are way over priced. If I am going to pay that for a wallet, I prefer LV. I think they are more durable. I agree that the MJ wallet is nice. I've had one for 3 years and it was still like brand new when I sold it with a MJ bag. :yes:
  12. can someone please post a pic of the MJ wallet ?
  13. Personally I try to match when I can :smile: but I don't like the buckles and studs that are on the wallet. I have other leather accessories that are in my bag and I have noticed wallets like this scratches the other things I have in my bag.
  14. I think you should..... Keep it!! There's nothing more elegant than a purse with a matching wallet.