Should I keep... UPDATE! Ideas?

  1. I REALLY need to test out bags more before I buy them!!! :push: I am usually in a hurry (cause DH has the kids) or have the 2 kids with me. :nuts:

    For all those who have been helping me on the other thread. I AM NOT GOING TO KEEP THE CARLY DEMI.
    I was actually going to BUT hubby wanted to see it last night and I tried all of my stuff in it and it fits like NOTHING!

    SO I am going to have about a $220 credit for something else. WHAT SHOULD I GET?? :shrugs:
  2. A Medium Size Carly, or a Shoulder Tote. ;)

    I didn't really know what my choices were, so I just threw out a few good ones, that would be a good size if you have kids. (And go on your shoulder!!)
  3. I am not sure what you already have... but if you like the Carly what about the medium Carley? Or the Legacy shoulder or zip top? I am loving the small Hamptons satchel in black and it fits alot but is also lightweight... the Soho satchel is really nice too if you don't like the pebbled look the Hamptons one has.
  4. I agree with the Carly and the Legacy. They are both really pretty and from I have heard/seen pretty large or have large ones you could buy. Try not to rush when you buy something, I am sure hubby could handle the kids. You deserve to make a good choice on something you really like. :yes: To me handbags and accessories are very important to one's overall appearance, not so much like I am vain or anything, but you should take your time and shop when you go, very important decisions are made at Coach. ;)
  5. I really don't NEED anything. I already have small brown leather hobo (w/wristlet & mini skinny), Black sig swingpack (w/wristlet), and new large scribble tote (w/wristlet, and wallet). "T" charm. I am kinda leaning toward a bigger (than the swingpack) in black, but is balck too wintery? And I REALLY WANT the ERGO scarf wristlet!!! It would go with black or brown!

    This is my wishlist on in black (I have the same in scribble) in black

    OR in black

    Like I said I don't NEED anything, but I want to LOVE what I get!!!
  6. Don't get anything right now. You sound like you have what you want right now and like there is nothing that you are lemming for. Wait and save up Until the next PCE which should be in June or July.

    I also don't need anything but I did purchase the Ergo
    Hobo in Turquoise as well as the Cross Body Bag. I also
    have the Vintage Maude Tote arriving next week. As you can see I also don't need anything but am not showing any restraint in buying. You on the other hand
    are showing a great deal of restraint. Good Luck!

  7. i would get the medium size Carly just add the extra money to it. that one will hold alot more.