Should I keep this?

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  1. I just bought a Gucci cosmetic case from NM for $105. It's 50% off but I don't even know if I really need a cosmetic case. I just bought it because it's on sale. Should I keep it or cancel?

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  2. I think it's super cute, a definite keeper.
  3. Super cute, GREAT DEAL at only $105.00 - considering you are saving 50%!!! KEEP IT, SO CUTE!!!
  4. I agree. KEEP IT!!! Even if you do not use it straight away this baby WILL come in handy some time! (and you will have picked up as a BARGAIN!!)
  5. This is a gorgeous piece! I would keep it if I were you. That's a fun classic!
  6. Def a keeper! Great leather and you'll never know when you'll need it! You can even use it as a small clutch or to grab and take it to the grocery store, movies, etc when you don't feel like carrying a big bag around.
  7. I should keep it! I've got the smaller version of this cosmetic bag in GG-brown leather and I love it. it's very durable. and for only 105 dollar! my smaller version came (90 euro converted to us dollar) around 117 dollar.

    I hope the pic isn't too small
    cosmetic bag gg.JPG
  8. not for me, if you don't need it, i say return it and put that $105 into something that you like more
  9. I think its adorable!!
  10. I think it's great AND practical!
  11. I would keep it.
  12. Keep it!! I have that....I got it at NM too on sale and thought I was getting a great deal...Holy Cow you walked away with it!!! YEs ! Yes ! Keep it!! I love it..I keep my makeup/gloss in there so it doesn't roll around at the bottom of my bag.....:heart: Emmy
  13. i would save the money n buy sth i reli need or like- maybe a bag or sth like tht
    instead of spendin money juz becoz i think it worth the money but find it not reli useful
  14. i think it's cute so keep it :smile:
  15. Definitely a keeper. I have this cosmetic case in a beautiful golden metalic color...I actually bought 2 and recently gave one as a gift to a friend. Although a small size, it is wonderful to give someone a quality designer product which they will greatly appreciate. And the cosmetic case can also double as a small evening's really cute and speaks to the owners great taste.