Should I keep this?

  1. About a week ago I was agonizing between a Burberry Candy Check Barrel and a Louis Vuitton Vernis Marshmallow Bedford on eBay. Because I already have the Perle Bedford, I decided to get the Burberry for a change, since I haven't bought anything Burberry in a year.

    The bag arrived today, and although it's a really cute bag and the color is very pretty and fun for summer, I'm beginning to wonder if I should keep it. I don't know if the seller accepts returns, but if he/she doesn't, I can sell it on eBay and get a Louis Vuitton Marshmallow Bedford or Biscayne Bay PM.

    So look at the photos and tell me what you think.

    a) Keep it
    b) Keep it and get the Marshmallow Bedford or Biscayne Bay anyway
    c) Return it and get the Marshmallow Bedford or Biscayne Bay
    burberry barrel 001.jpg burberry barrel 003.jpg burberry barrel 007.jpg
  2. I love it! I vote keep it! :tender:
  3. Keep it, it's in excellent condition and fabulous for summer!
  4. the only thing is, because it's not a very common color for Burberry, i'm just wondering if it will be mistaken for a fake :wondering:. is that silly?
  5. I really like the Burberry!
  6. no that is a color for burberry, they have the summer check, the nova check, the jacquard, the candy pink and the like baby blue. i love burberry, my first designer bag was one, but im not a fan for pink. but it looks like it would look so cute on you! but if your going to use it just for summer.. its your call i suppose, but the color is real, ive seen that bag in person like two years ago, as you know its kind of structured, little give, but the shape allows for some space. if you love it keep it, if not then dont. if you can buy both bags then all the merrier! but if you gotta stretch for it, then return, lol it ultimately all depends on how you feel.
  7. yes i know it's a real Burberry color, because i have the Candy check makeup bag.

    but because i live in a not-very-affluent area, real designer bags are not common, and i was just wondering if my bag would be mistaken for a fake.

  8. keep it... it is so cute.. how much is it, if u dont mind..:yes:
  9. Keep it! I love it! It's sooo pretty and cute!:love: Definitely keep it and then get a Biscayne.
  10. $400 + shipping
  11. Definitely keep. It is adorable!
  12. Hmmm . . . it's a cute bag, but it sounds like you're really hesitant to keep it. So I vote for option "C" . . .
  13. i choose C, eventhough it is cute, for $400++ :rant: on a burberry, hmm go get the bedford girl.. burberry goes on sale sometimes, but lv doesnt.. imo...:yes:
  14. OK, the seller refuses to accept it back :mad:, so I'm going to sell it on eBay :yes:, and get me another pink bag:yahoo:
  15. I say keep it, it's cute! The more the merrier when it comes to bags! :smile: