Should I keep this?

  1. Ok, I started this thread about to show all my loot that I've bought in the past week from coach. However I realized that some of my purchases are in boxes because I'm moving tomorrow into my new condo. :yahoo: So this is something not in a box because it came in the mail yesterday. It was supposed to be sent to the store, but oh well. :rolleyes: Anyway, I bought this because I do a lot of traveling between my mother's house and my house and always end up with lots of plastic bags holding my stuff. I bought an MJ tote to help with the problem, but it's so heavy.

    So I bought this train case. It's empty on the inside except for the pleated pocket which is great for making sure things that I don't want moving around will stay still. The thing that's covered in the pics is the strap that you can carry it with.

    Now normally I wouldn't think and keep this cute case. However, I'm moving and I won't be travelling as much in about a month so is it really worth it?

    coachtrain1.jpg coachtrain2.jpg coachtrain3.jpg coachtrain4.jpg
  2. I love it.

    However, that doesn't matter. If you don't think you really have a need for it... no sense in holding on when there's things out there you could be using :o)
  3. It's really cute & looks functional but if you don't necessarily need it you could always return it & get things you could use for everyday use.
  4. yeah i agree with ^^, if you bought it regular or at a slight discount and know you wont use it, then sure return it. or if you bought for that and you know you will use it and wont want another style in a month and dont mind about the price then keep it. if its from a dept. store check to see the return policy, that way you wont loose out on something that might grow on you later.
  5. especially if your going to use it for tolietries? im guessing thats whats in the plastic bags? then if you think its not worth it then return it. theres gotta be more train cases with more bang for your buck thats cute as well. or if your not going to travel a lot soon but you still want a train case stick with this or a classic so you'll never have to worry about down the road.
  6. I think it is cute! But like others have said if you think you dont need it then I would get rid of it. (now if only I could take my own
  7. ditto. :yes: I love it as well, but, send it back if you're not 100% happy with it. :smile:
  8. it looks super functional and about a third of what an LV keepall would run you. I say hold onto it and you can always return it in a onth if it's not meant to be.
  9. I say keep's super cute and you never know when you're going to be needing an overnight bag!!
  10. Congrats on the new condo!

    I think it's super cute. Maybe hold on to it for a while and see if you use it.
  11. I have been wanting this for a long time, but is it small? i wanted it for a carry-on but wasn't sure of the size...

    I'd keep it, though...if you go on trips in the near future, it would be a cute bag to have.

    I may not be travelling as much, but it will always be good to have for those JIC (just in case) moments.
  12. I say keep it. It's really cute and even though you won't be travelling as much, you never know when something unexpected happens. Besides, didn't you say your MJ tote was too heavy? This would be a nice alternative. And if it turns out you never use it, you could always sell it.
  13. Its a good size, definitely roomy, a plus for traveling.
  14. Definitely keep it! It's so cute :P:heart: I have one in red signature and one in black plain.... love them!! Although I don't really use them, I just want to own them! :supacool::love:
    pic6 338w.jpg
  15. where do they sell those soleil? i love your bag collection!! when did the striped ones that you have come out? their cute!!