Should I Keep This?

  1. hello :smile:

    I just found this forum a few days ago, but I have been a tokidoki fan for quite awhile. It's exciting to find so many other tokidoki fans :smile:

    I went out today and I found this stellina spiaggia and it was kind of an impulse buy. I've been wanting a stellina for awhile, and I really love the jellyfishes, but now that I'm home, I'm having second thoughts. I wanted to see what other people thought - I sort like all the blue and the back is nice, but I'm not sure if it's too much, and whether or not I should keep it or return it.


  2. Well, everyone will have their own opinions based on what characters they like... The main thing is if you like it or not.

    As for me, I like the back of your bag much more than the front because I like the beach scene more than the water scene. My least favorite part of Spiaggia is the red coral and all the fish.
  3. What maya said. It's a matter of personal preference really. I have a Spiaggia with the beach scene @ the front and underwater scene @ the back. And personally, I won't buy this one since I like the beach scene more too.
  4. BTW, that stellina is also a booby bag. Hehe. It's got 1 1/2 sets of boobies and no heads on the front.
  5. LOL a booby bag! I actually had to look really hard to see the 1/2 boob.

    Hiya Misdy and welcome to the forum!

    I know how you feel about the Spiaggia stellina. I bought one over a month ago and it's still sitting in the closet with the tags on it lol

    I thought about returning mine to, but I just can't do it because cactus kitty in on the front pocket. I really don't know what to do, so it kinda just sits there....

    Sorry I'm no help at all!
  6. like they said its a matter of preference...i LOVE the cactus cat, and its dead center on the back
  7. yea..its you who decides whether you like it or not. If the placement of my bags is not like what I wanted, I will get bothered with it so I better return it and get the one with the placement I like.

    Just an opinion for the one you got - I love the back..but the front is kinda boring and repeating..thats what I think..

    let us know on what you decide. And welcome to the forum!
  8. I too like the back instead of the front..but then again it really depends on what you like :biggrin:
  9. I also like the back more than the front. But like everyone said, it's up to you. If you really don't like it, you should go and get something else. Good luck. :smile:
  10. Like everyone said, it's your preference. The front of your stellina is a little too repetitive for me. The back is nice, got my fave characters (girl putting sunblock on guy).
  11. What matters is if you like it or . I personally dont because it has that fish 3 times and none of my favoryte characters are on it. I like the Adios and monkey surfing, the raindeer, the unocorn and Sandy
  12. I meant that my fave characters are not in the front except for sandy but she loks a little cut of
  13. hehe thats why i like the back cuz it has my fav characters unicorn, monkey, cactus kitty
  14. yeah .. on stellinas I dont really care what the bags look like... but I'm a freak when it comes to the front. It has to be perfect or I wont get it. Go Figure!!
  15. I'm always much more concerned about what the front of a bag looks like than the back. I could care less what the back looks like because it's always against my body. So even if I really love the back of a bag, I won't get it if I don't like the front. I'm not a "wear my bag backwards" kind of girl, even with bella's and bella bella's...