Should I keep this zucca bag de jour?

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  1. I ordered this grande bag de jour in zucca from It looks good, except for a small imperfection in the zucca on one side. I tried to take a picture of it, but it didn't show up. I pulled on the small imperfection and it didn't grow larger or spread. Have any of you ever seen any imperfections in the zucca canvas before? If so, how did it affect the wear and tear of the bag? :s I got the tote for about $500. I do believe it is authentic (hologram and serial number on black tag, hologram does not peel off, serial number on leather tag, too).

    I like the bag and think it would be great for work or hanging out. :rolleyes:

    Oh, the reason I've bought a couple of bags lately, is because last month was my bday. Instead of getting one expensive bag, I'm getting a couple of bags I've been wanting at good prices. DH is paying the bill!!:love:

    Thanks, everyone!:flowers:

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  2. I think I wouldn't accept an imperfection. But it depends on how noticable it is. I personally keep staring at these imperfections all the time. So if it's new, I would return or exchange it if possible...
  3. I think it would depend on the imperfection. Maybe if you take pic outside it will come out better?
  4. Is there meant to be a wavy pattern on the double Fs or is it just a trick of the lighting?
  5. Thanks for your responses, everyone. The picture was taken at night with a flash, that's why it looks wavy/textured. I'll try to take another picture in natural light either today or tomorrow.
  6. I guess if it were me I would want it to be perfect but maybe pics would change my mind?
  7. Ok, I took some better pictures. The first picture shows the imperfection, it's really small, but what concerns me is that it's slighlty raised. The second picture is hopefully, a better picture of the bag. The bag is not very stuffed, so it may still look wavy and/or creased.

    I'm going out to the store tonight, to see how this bag looks IRL.

    I am picky, but I know that purse lovers like you all, understand!

    Thanks! :flowers:

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  8. KP, I have never seen anything like that before, especially in Zucca fabric...I am wondering if it is a "second". Maybe that's why its sold at a discount. It just seems odd Fendi did not catch that before sending to retail. :confused1:
  9. I wonder if it got caught on something and somehow has a small snag? It doesn't matter, because it's going back. Thanks for your help, everyone!
  10. Yeah it looks like it had gotten snagged on something and then pulled. The Zucca Bag de Jour is one of my favourite bags; hope you can exchange it for one in perfect condition!
  11. I think you are doing the right thing. Good luck!
  12. Are you going to exchange it for another bag? I would want a perfect bag too!
  13. Actually, I went in a totally different direction (for me that is)! DH bought me a bbag for my bday! It's a cobalt brief with GGH. I kept looking it at in the store, so he told me to go ahead and get it. :smooch:

    I still like fendi and maybe once the sales start up again, I'll find something.