Should I keep this violet first?

  1. I got my violet first in the mail from Neiman Marcus in Atlanta today. My only other bbag at the moment is a plomb first. I guess I didn't realize how nice the leather on my plomb first was until I started seeing other bbags.

    I'm not sure if I should keep this bag - it's a little more shiny and veiny than I like (the front looks a lot more veiny to me than the back) - but I guess I want to know if this looks normal for a bbag. I'm guessing it might get less shiny with wear. Also there's a spot on the back where there's a dark patch. I can't tell if it's just natural color variation or if it's a defect. A couple inches from that there's a small mark that looks like it could be a scratch - but it follows the line of the wrinkles so it could just be a deeper distressing mark. These things are more noticeable from certain angles. I tried to photograph them in light where they stand out the most. (The dark spot I'm talking about is in the center of the photo, about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom and the possible scratch is a little above that)

    I'd appreciate any opinions on whether this is normal or whether you would consider this defective - and what would you do about it? I love the color and style of the bag and I'm not sure how easy it would be to find another violet first at this point.

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  2. Yes. That even distressing is sometimes a rarity!

    :heart: it.

    Just saw that part about the scratch. Is yours Agneau or Chevre? It looks like Agneau leather but let's just be sure.

    Do some of the girls think that Agneau scratches easier?
  3. OH she's gorgeous! O_O Look at that leather! You should totally keep her only if you love her. If you're feeling meh about it return her and get something you're going to LOVE!
  4. i think it's gorgeous but then again i love my leather to be just makes the bag look 100% better when it ages.

    if you are bothered by it...then just return. obviously your not too happy with it if your thinking of returning it...don't keep something just the end of have to be comfortable with it.
  5. Each Bal bag is different.. whether or not it's the texture, the distressing.. etc.. the list goes on and on. Some people prefer the vieny leather vs. the plush pilloweee leather or thick non distressed leather. Just depends on your liking, your first is gorgeous!!

    My MOgano PT had a patch on the back towards the top part.. that looked like they missed that part when they put the final coating on the bag... but I learned to love it.. and see it as a characteristic of my bag rather than a flaw.. you can't see it after I used the LMB pro treatment. But back to point, if you can live with your bags "characteristics" then keep her~! gOod luck.. hoped that helps. :girlsigh:
  6. I like it, keep it!!
  7. She's gorgeous - but if you're not completely happy with her then don't keep it.
  8. I like smoother leather but I think this is one that can break in beautifully! But you have to like it. I'd only return it if I were willing to risk not finding another one.
  9. I personally love the shiny veiny leather, and your bag looks gorgeous to me. If it were me, I'd keep that baby! To me, all the pictures of the violet bags I have seen so far have gorgeous, gorgeous leather. But we are all different, and if it's not to your liking, then don't try and talk yourself into it. Every time I have done this with a bag, I have regretted it.

    Also, I do see what looks like a dark spot at the top of the back of the bag. I don't know if that would blend in with time, that would bother me. I don't see any scratches though, but I know this can be hard to capture in pictures.

    Bottom line, if you're not loving it, send it back.
  10. It's up to you in the end, but I think it's a beautiful bag! That leather will age beautifully...
  11. love the color, keep it!
  12. That is a gorgeous bag.
  13. I love the bag, You couldn't pay me to give up my Violet First! I see the spot, but it's up to you whether it would bug you. The distressing is amazing. is it Chevre or Agneau?
    The cool thing about BBags is that they don't all look exactly alike in a cookie-cutter way like some of the other high end brands. The differences make them unique and not so machine made looking. Wear it once and see how you like it!
    Good luck!
  14. ITA!!! My bags are all different. I tend to prefer lots of distressing. And each of them are distressed in different ways. Good luck with your decision.......your bag is beautiful.
  15. It's gorgeous - keep it!!!