Should I keep this shoe??? Need your advice!!!

  1. I am trying to decide if I should keep this shoe or sell it to a friend. It is a little small for me, but I could get it stretched if I decide to keep it. It is 4 1/2" so it is very uncomfortable especially with it being a little tight. look so sassy!!!

    It was $665 retail, but I got it on sale for $250. I am such a sucker for sales.

    I am not sure what outfits would look good with it and if it is OK to wear during all seasons. It has metallic linen on it, so I wonder if it is only a summer shoe???

    Please help!!:girlsigh:
    CL Tan oxfords3.JPG CL Tan oxfords2.JPG CL Tan oxfords1.JPG
  2. Awesome price!! If you can't find anything to wear this with then you should sell it to your friend I suppose. They are unique..I like them, but since they are too small and they aren't very versatile with outfits..I'm not sure these are great shoes for you. :shrugs:
  3. Great deal, but it's not really my style. I hope you find ANY excuse to keep them :upsidedown:, I'm a sucker for a good deal as well. Although if those were mine they would probably get forgotten in my closet soon enough
  4. I think if they are too tight and uncomfortable, you wont wear them. And if you dont wear them, they aren't really a bargain ;). Sell them to your friend and save on eBay fees.
  5. I agree with the other posts. If they are too small and uncomfortable they are more likely to sit in your closet. Sell them and put the money towards some more CL's!!!
  6. totally agree!
  7. i've always loved that shoe! i think it's an all seasons shoe. i also agree that you shouldn't keep them if they don't fit. you can always sell them on eBay, i guess.

  8. ITA. I never keep shoes that are uncomfortable. Sell them to your friend and buy another fabulous pair that you'll love.
  9. I would sell it to your friend. Yes you got a great deal on it but if it's too tight it might be painful to use and thwy will end up sitting in your closet.
    You can use the money to get a pair that fits you
  10. Ditto what everybody else said. Too bad they were such a deal though!
  11. Great deal, but it is not a deal if you cannot wear them.
  12. I agree with everyone else. Sell them to your friend who will hopefully wear them and enjoy them because they are a great shoe! Maybe she'll even let you borrow them. ;)
  13. $250?!!? They're GORGEOUS. Definitely keepers if you can stretch them.
  14. If your friend doesn't want them and they'll fit me..I'll buy them from you. ;)