Should I keep this sequins dress?

  1. I bought this dress to wear for new years but I never did wear it....should I keep it for next year or return you think that sequins is a trend that will fade away soon.

    TIA for your opinion.
  2. great for clubs/party where lots of lights
  3. How expensive was the dress? You might want to return it if you can use the money. Also, I was shopping with my friend the other day and we saw a bunch of sequin dresses on sale for dirt cheap. So maybe if u find a cheaper version of the sequin dress, then you can return the one you currently have.
  4. I think sequined dresses will still be in, since I've seen them in stores during the winter holidays each year. But like what smallbags said, there are plenty of similar dresses on sale right now (FCUK, Saks, Bloomies to name a few). So, if this dress was over $100, I would return it or try and get a price adjustment if it hasn't been 14 days.
  5. Sequins are more popular certain seasons that others, but they'll never be "out" IMO. I say keep it :shrugs:
  6. ^^ I agree. They always come back in style. If the price was right keep it.