Should I keep this rosegold MAM? (picture)

Mar 17, 2007
Here's a picture of it:

I'm having a very difficult time deciding whether I should keep it or not. I love the leather on it. It is one of the softest leathers I've received. :love: It is just so beautiful a shade, unlike any light colored bag I have. I was pondering selling this bag or my gray MA bag. The MA I used only one time, but I really like the dark gray color on it. I have a Cognac Gillian LP satchel on the way so I really need to get rid of something! :sweatdrop: Not to mention 2 BE bags. So I am going through bags I don't wear like my Botkier bryant hobo I never used. This buying of bags and not wearing it is getting to be a bad habit of mine!!! :sad: Why can't I just have it all!!? :hysteric: lol

But it feels rather hard parting with this bag! Any reasons to keep or sell it?

Heidi Sr.

Apr 4, 2007
Grey is more versatile and classic IMO, youd have to pry that grey one from my cold dead hands. Which one would you see yourself using more year round? Just my opinion, If one had to go, id keep the grey. THe rosegold is a very pretty bag though!
Nov 20, 2007
They're both gorgeous, but I feel like the gray is more multipurpose, and the rosegold is more for dressier occasions. I'd keep the gray.


bags,books & Kitties
Jan 2, 2008
on the golf course!
i love the grey, so versatile. The rosegold is pretty, but you might not get enough use out of it. I'd keep both and get rid of something else, I'm a big help!


Aug 15, 2006
I would LOVE to get my hands on a gray w/ silver hw MAM -- it's so versatile IMO. If you decide to only keep one, keep the gray! But if you do decide to sell the gray, let us know :graucho:
Mar 17, 2007
Thanks for your opinions everyone! :smile: I thought gray was more versatile too but the only problem however is the size. I love the MAM size more. I need to let this sink in more because first instinct is I love the rosegold lol but now if I had a gray MAM, THAT would be perfection and no doubt about it!


Bag (and shoe) lady
Oct 27, 2006
I think the Rosegold looks really fabulous on you. Would you really use a metallic bag? If so, you should keep it! If not, sell and keep the grey!


Dec 19, 2007
Alpharetta, GA
^^i think this is a really pretty color and will be hard to come across in the future. I think you should keep this one, and get rid of the botkier that you don't use.

I like the grey as well. I was obsessed with the Gillian satchel for the longest time but was not willing to pay $300 for it. Then I missed it at the sample sale, and then they ran out of the cognac at the kataphileo sale by the time i logged on...

I don't think you should get rid of the RM's....maybe one of the BE's? Or if you do decide you have to let go of one of the RM's then keep the gray.....

Blah- thats a hard decision!
Mar 17, 2007
dezi you just made it so much harder! lol I think the metallic is pretty wearable. It's really subtle and not so blingy looking, at least imo. It doesn't look like a cheap metallic.

Maybe a gillian satchel will pop up one day on ebay for a good price. The gillian was a total impulse for me because of the price.

I couldn't dare get rid of any of the BE's either. Totally in loveee with the brand and well worth it and very unique!

I can afford to keep it but I have too many bags, some that I don't even use so I wanted to narrow down my collection. I think I just might end up selling the gray. The size is a factor for me and although I like big bags, with the MA it'd be great with a detachable long strap. The big MA the first and last time I used it got tiring on my arm lol Although it's probably because the size of it persuaded me to stuff it more.

bleh I hate hard decisions but I should start saving more money.


Feb 6, 2007
i love, love, love the rosegold. In my opinion, you should keep the rosegold and get rid of the gray and here is why: nice metallic bags are hard to come by. And the rosegold shade is simply divine and will be perfect for summer. dark gray bags are a dime a dozen. right now i can think of 8 gray bags in the MAM price range that i would be happy with, but only one or two metallic bags in that price range that i would want.