Should I keep this rob rodriguez top??? help!

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  1. I think its really pretty - I would have to see what it looked like on though:smile:
  2. If you aren't sure then you should return it, if you have doubts you probably won't wear it
  3. ^^ Thanks ladies!

    I'm just pretty fickle...I think I will wear it :rolleyes:
  4. I like's a touch Victorian IMO and unique. I think it would look great with jeans.
  5. ^ yeah, that's what I plan to wear it with too..

    hmm...I think I'm keeping it..maybe should have ordered one in black too.. :smile:
  6. ITA
  7. It's very Victorian...a little on the costumey side but if you paired it with jeans it would look HOT! :smile:
  8. I actually like it! Not typically my thing, but the sleeves and oversized bow make this really cute :yes:
  9. I think to pull something like that off, you need to be on the taller side. I am only 5'2" so I tend to avoid ruffley stuff like that. It just overpowers me.
  10. ^^ thanks sammy and allison...
    Allison, I'm not that tall, I'm 5'5 but I like to wear heels most of the time so I'm usually 5'8 or 5'9 LOL
    thanks anyways!
  11. thanks kristy, I kinda like the Victorian styles..that's why I ordered it..but when I looked at it more, was worried on what to match it with..

    am definitely keeping it! :tup:
  12. Wait until you try it on... maybe you'll like it better on you.
  13. i agree that you should wait till you try it on and it is for the taller people, but if you are more petite just wear it with tight fitting pants