Should I keep this Pucci scarf?

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  1. I got this on sale for about $200. What do you think? I like the pattern but DH said it's tacky. And, I've never spent so much on a scarf so I don't know if I'm crazy to keep it. I know it's a great deal considering it's original price of $650 but I don't want that to be the reason to keep it. Also, is pucci for an older crowd or do younger girls wear it too? I'm not that familiar with the brand, just liked the colors on this. Would love to hear your opinions! Those who don't like this, please suggest another line of scarves. I want to add a splash of color to my wardrobe and stay warm at the same time. TIA!
  2. I like it for being a neat piece in your wardrobe at add a little something extra, but it's not a must have
  3. IMO Pucci is pretty much timeless for all ages. If you like the scarf then keep it, it shouldn't matter what brand it is.
  4. Personally, I hate yellow, and yellow looks horrible on me, so I don't like that scarf. But if you like it, keep it!
  5. ^^Also not a huge fan of yellow. It's up to you whether you should keep it. I think you should look in your wardrobe and see what you could wear the scarf with. If there is alot and its versatile maybe keep it, if not maybe not. I personally have bought too many accessories that have sat in my wardrobe and never been worn so I am now more aware/careful with what I buy.

    It's a very striking/bright scarf to possibly brighten up everyday outfits.
  6. I think you should keep it if you like the colors, I don´t think it´s tacky at all. If you decide to return it, check out Missoni. I really like the Missoni pattern. Have you seen it?
  7. i like it since it's unique. i've seen younger girls with pucci items since they're so colorful. and i do like a lot of the other pucci patterns out there :smile:
  8. Its not tacky at all, I think you should keep it!
  9. I think with the right outfit, it could look for stylish.

    HOWEVER, in my experience if DH hates it, take it back. Find something else to replace it!
  10. It's very unique and could look great with the right outfit, but I'm not crazy about the pattern or the color. I agree with Snibor: If your DH doesn't like it, you might want to find another one.
  11. I vote no... that's not something you're going to wear all the time, and you can find something similar at f21 for $10.
  12. I like Pucci, but not this one at all.
  13. Not crazy about the pattern but Pucci is timeless IMO. I only have the silk scarves and they don't pick any age I think.
  14. I used to like this one, but I think $200 is still pretty expensive. There are some other, softer patterns that might look a lot more timeless that you can find on sale. I dont mind the colors they used though. It doesnt really look like a top design from them...I always think of their lavenders and pinks when I think of pucci. But I would say if you think it would be a good multi-season scarf it may be a better value to you.
  15. I had to come back and comment!! I love Pucci, and consider myself a collector (of that and other things !!). I really love this scarf. Once you zoom in...the pattern is awesome. The thing is....sure you could go and get a scarf at F21, but in 20 years, it won't be a scarf that your daughter (if you were to have one) would love to have passed down. Or a scarf that you could still wear, and look amazing in!! This scarf could be paired in lots of ways..and would even lok great with a white the Spring. I do think you should keep it!