Should I keep this?? Pls help!

  1. I'm keep questioning myself if i really want to sell my perf. red flap...I like the colour and good looking in my closet but seems not really love it. I put them in auction but I keep rejecting the asking price..i dont know what's in my head..
    Pls help me decide whether I should sell this and get sth I really love??
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  2. yes, sell it to me :biggrin:

    no, i'm just kidding

    it's really beautiful, you should keep it. It's quite a classic and it looks nice on you :smile:
  3. IMO, if you don't really love it then you shouldn't keep it. I had the same dilemma about a bag a couple months ago; I ended up selling it and haven't regretted it since.
  4. ITA - sell and get something you absolutely adore!
  5. If you don't love it,you should sell it and get something you absolutely love.
  6. If you aren't going to use it then get something you will use, for sure!
  7. Get the one you truely love!
  8. Yup, I've been feeling that way about my GST. I don't absolutely love it, so I think I'm going to return it. Since you don't have that option, I say sell it - there's a reason that you keep putting it up for sale! - and get something that really makes you swoon :heart:
  9. I know I love a bag when I look for outfits to wear so I can use the bag. Seems to me that you may have bought the bag for its exclusivity later. If someone offered the 'right' price, would you sell it? If the answer is yes, then you need to decide what you consider the right one!

    GOOD LUCK! :smile:
  10. With bags that cost this much money, I am of the opinion, that they have to be absolutely perfect. Im my experience, the fact that you are even contemplating selling, means its not perfect for you, so that is your answer really.

    Good luck, a red sells so well, that you will have no problems at all in selling her and replacing her with your perfect bag :smile:
  11. I agree with everyone. At these prices, you should really be in love with whatever you get.
  12. Thanks everyone!! all of you are so true and kind!! that's what i love this forum!!

    FanAddict, Regina07 - you are right!! I put this for sell becoz i dont have a return option..(you really bang my head off!!) and if someone offers me right price, the ans is I would sell it!!
    I've got a right price bidder, and now im giving her my response..hope she's a serious buyer...
    thanks all for sharing your thoughts!!
  13. If you're not in love, let it go. Get something that you really, really like.
  14. Ditto!
  15. Absolutely follow your heart..Sounds like you're not in LOVE LOVE LOVE w/ it....I've been on the fence too when it comes to selling bags..I haven't regretted one sale though....I would say sell it and get something you truly truly want..!!