Should I keep this MJ Kid

  1. Barneys is having a sale on hangbags. I went to the one at SF and got this Kid, $519 down from $1299. But I am not sure on the color. Could you give some suggestions? Thanks!
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  2. I saw this one at Nordie's and thought it was a great color. The bag was too small for me otherwise I would have gotten it. It looks good on you. I think that yellow will work with alot of other colors like navy, black, brown and plum.
  3. I wish they had it in plum or metallic silver. But this is the only one left.
  4. Keep it!:heart:Keep it!:heart:Keep it!:heart:

    A few years ago I bought a bag that color and I was really unsure of it at first, but it is my go to bag when nothing else works! I have gotten sooooooo much use out of that bag. Its a little quirky, which I think also helps highlight the Kid in all its glory. I just bought a topaz stam from last years resort collection for the exact same reason. I would love a yellow one too though. Its next on my list of MJ wishes:love:.
    Hope you Keep it!:heart:
  5. My regular wardobe is all grey, white, and black. So I thinkg this Kid will bright up my clothes. I am still waiting for my hubby's opinion on it. There is a possibility that I might return it. Would you like to grab it?
  6. I personaly love it!! Looks great on you & fantastic price!! That being said if YOU don't love it then return it for something you do. You may still be able to find a plum if that's what you really want.
  7. I have the plum and love this bag for evening-- both for size and versatility (taking off the chain) -- incredible price too!!! -

    I say keep, but am definately in the group that says take anything back that doesn't make you swoon!

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  13. I would keep it, it looks amazing on you!
    The color really pops any outfit IMO and it's just so cute!!

    And that price is just a great deal! Let us know if you end up returning/keeping it!
  14. Oh it looks so cute! I like how the colour is really vibrant. I think it would look hot with grays, black, brown or any other neutral colour when you want to sort of blend in but also stand out!
  15. :yes:Thanks for everyone’s opinions!