Should I keep this Michael Kors Uptown Astor Leopard purse?

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    I know I posted with modeling pictures.
    I love this purse but I guess I just feel like $800 is a lot for a MK bag.
    Do you think it was a good investment?
    I would use this as one of my everyday bags not a dress up bag.
    I like fancy stuff
    does this bag look expensive to you?
    100% keeper?
    I need to be talked into it more or out of it haha
    (it does match my Tory Burch shoes) as stated before
    I am still overly excited just want more opinions I suppose
  2. i do think $800 is a lot for a MK bag that isn't collection, as well as a bag that's leopard print and haircalf. it looks more in the $300 range to me, but if you can afford it and think you'd use it everyday, the price isn't too bad. you could probably find it elsewhere for less, though.
  3. I have to say I LOVE this bag. I think it looks expensive and it's gorgeous! AND it matches your shoes perfectly! IMO I think you should keep it!!!!!
  4. I just looked back at your modelling pics
    it looks SO CUTE on you!!!
    BUT $800 is ALOT of money (for me anyway)
    and i bet you could find an equally cute leopard bag for half that if you don't mind searching... and waiting a bit
    how long do you have to return it?
    30 days?
    spend that time hunting for a leopard print that is cheaper...
    then if you find one, return the 800 bag...
    and if you don't, keep it

    here is a search for 'leopard print bags' -- there's 49 pages!!!

    good luck!!!
  5. You can get a collection bag on sale for the same price. It's cute, but can't say it's worth the $800 price tag. If it's your must-have then by all means go for it
  6. it's GORGEOUS. but yes, $800 is alot.
  7. You sound like you are second guessing the bag. I think MK is a good investment bag. Certain styles do pretty well on Ebay, and the outlet is always jammed. $800 is a lot, but if you love it without reservations, then it's really not, cuz you'll use it all the time. ;)

    If you really love that bag, then keep it. Is this because you fell in love with another and now want that one, but aren't sure? If you're on the fence at all due to bag polygamy, then weigh the pros and cons of each bag (if there is another) like how easy is bag A to keep clean against bag B, and what are the chances you'll use either bag A or B next year. For 800 beans you want to use it for more than one season.
  8. I like it, but if you don't love it, don't keep it.
  9. To me, $800 is too much for any bag, not just "for an MK bag." Yes, I know that around here, that's cheap.

    I don't pay more than $300-$400 for any bag and make it a point of never paying retail, buying bags only when I'm head over hills in love and when I can get them at huge discounts.

    So whether $800 is too much or not for that MK bag is a personal matter based on your bag and budget priorities.
  10. Wow, I didn't even know that MK went up to $800. In my experience, if there's an inkling of doubt as to whether or not the bag is worth the price, then it's not. Not in terms of literal value, either, but rather in terms of how much you will love it and use it. Every bag that I have ever so much as fleetingly doubted (regardless of the 'Yes, keep it - it looks great' comments), I have guiltily ignored (and then returned or sold) in favor of my unquestionably adored bags.

    "I need to be talked into it more or out of it haha"

    The above says it all.

    In short, return it.
  11. Most of the MK bags on the website are upwards of $800.
    I love this bag but I'm not a huge leapard fan. I would buy something cheaper in this print, simply because I think that it's a fad.
    I don't have a problem with spending this kind of money on a timeless peice, but I don't think that this is..
  12. I see. I'm not very versed in Michael Kors (only had one - a linen and leather style - a long time ago, and that wasn't too pricey due to the materials used). I guess, too, that in my opinion, MK bags don't look $800 to me. They look to be in the $300 - 400 range. Of course this is a very personal opinion and in no way intended to cause offense.

    I think that I agree with Muranogirl - the cost is totally worth one's version of a timeless piece, but judging by OP's hesitancy, I'm not hearing inherent timelessness. The other thing, though, is that if you have $800 to drop on a bag that you love now and don't have to fret over longevity, then enjoy the bag by all means!

    PS. Muranogirl, cute pug! I have two fawns - aren't these dogs just funniest, sweetest animals ever?!
  13. I"m so curious!!!

    especially because i am also in bag keeping/returning hell right now :smile:
  14. Yes they are the funniest creatures! Love 'em! We are babysitting a fawn right now too. They are so cute!
  15. Perhaps some people are confusing MICHAEL Michael Kors bags with Michael Kors collection bags. The former are priced at around $200-$400, while the latter are $800-$1000 bags.