Should I keep this Meredith? IRL pics

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  1. Sorry for the horrible pictures.. the bathroom that's being remodeled is the only place I have a big enough mirror and I was too lazy to change out of my PJs to take the pic.

    Anyway, I'm trying to decide between keeping the Meredith or the blonde Elisha. Just got the Elisha today.. don't have any IRL pics yet. Does the Meredith look ok on me?

    I got this Meredith for $325 on Bluefly.

    I can't seem to get the pics to post. Here are the links to the images.
  2. The bag looks great on you and the PJs do not take away it's prettyness in any way.:tup:

    However, if you are trying to decided between the two - I would definately go with the Blonde Elisha. That bag itself is gorgeous, I like the style and shape much better. Also the blonde color of Elisha in my opinion is nicer looking than the color of the Meredith. :yes:
  3. It does look nice, but if you are b/t the two, I favor the Elisha w/o a doubt. However, if one grabs you more than the other, go w/ that!
  4. The Elisha for sure. The Meredith looks nice on you but seems a little large for your frame. The Elisha is big too but has some softness and slouch. But the Meredith is a beautiful bag so go what you feel more comfortable with.
  5. Wow the Meredith is a lot bigger than I thought! Nice bag though!
  6. I have a Meredith and I like the style better than Elisha. When my Meredith is filled with my stuff, she looks slouchier and doesn't look as squared off as yours does in the picture. To me, she looks somewhat smaller for that reason. Don't know whether you would consider that a plus or a minus. If your bag has the paper it came with inside in it right now, you may want to put your stuff in and see how you like it then.
  7. My vote goes to the blonde elisha