Should I keep this LV or change for others??

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  1. I bought this LV bag yesterday, since i missed my Chanel one. I felt good with it when I was in the store coz it is casual. But when i arrived home, I felt I'm not quite in love with this bag~~~yeah, it's nice and looks ok, but~~~:push: :push: :push:

    Anyway, I lost my mind now. Should I keep this one or exchange for another? is there any good suggestions?
    DSC01893.JPG DSC01890.JPG DSC01892.JPG p10295834_ph_hero.jpg p10520907_ph_hero.jpg
  2. How about those??
    p11238882_ph_hero.jpg p10333247_ph_hero.jpg
  3. Return it. Doesn't look good on you. Bags in last two pictures are better.
  4. if you dont love it dont keep it!
  5. mmm dont really like the stlye personally, if you dont like it already then you wont like it in the future, go back and exchange!
  6. If you don't love it, exchange it for something that you do love!
  7. I like the epi speedy much more!
  8. I think it looks great on you. :smile:
  9. i think it looks great too! but if you're nt happy, you should get something that will make you happy!
  10. Actually, I think it looks great on you. But if you don't love it, definitely exchange it!
  11. You look so classy with the bag!

    but is your choice!
  12. don't keep it if you dont like it :yes: My suggestion is, if you want a handheld bag then go for Damier Speedy or any other speedies, but if you want a shoulder bag then go for Noe or Petit Noe ;)
  13. I really like the mono noe. If you don't totally love that bag, return it for something you drool over.
  14. I think it looks great on you! and it is a super casual bag! but if you're not sure get something you are sure about!
  15. OMG Keep it I was just looking at it yesterday I know you probably don't like it because i'ts mini lin but once you break into in you'll love it and it is a verry rare pice I've actually only seen one person with a mini lin bucket...

    ps. but if you do exchange it do it for the new Dune color in the same style and you rock that bag...