Should I keep This Lindy??????

  1. Ladies, I already have a Blue Jean Kelly in 32. Although, the bag is beautiful. Is it worth it?

    I'm SORRY the pics are so big. :heart: :nuts: :sweatdrop:
  2. your pix dont show
  3. heartbirks, i can't see your picture(s) either but i think that the lindy is a dramatically different style bag than the kelly so if you love BJ, then why not? :yes:
  4. If you're having second thoughts, then don't keep it. Hermes is too expensive to make mistakes with.
  5. i can't see the pics either :sad:
    i personally love the lindy, and would keep it, because its such a different style to the kelly! give yourself a week, if you still dont love it then, i say return it :yes:
  6. I'm a great Lindy fan and I own a 34cm Lindy. You may assume that I am going to persuade you to keep it, but I am not. It's a gorgeous and perfectly functional bag in fact. But if you think that it's not likely to fit into your lifestyle, or that you are more likely to pick up any of your other H bags over this Lindy to use each time, then this bag is obviously not for it.

    Good luck on your decision, whichever it is. :flowers:
  7. Sorry Girls, I don't know why you can view. :crybaby:

  8. Gorgeous!!!
  9. heartbirks, do you like the Lindy style?? I see no problem with two bags of the same color especially enjoy the color, and the styles are so different.

    What are YOU thinking???
  10. I DON'T KNOW ISUS????????? I'm so torn b/c I love the shoulder strap, color, leather...etc. Apparantly when my DH was in there, a lady was complaining regarding a stain on her rose dragee lindy and they took it off with the magic eraser.
  11. I think it is a darling bag. I passed on a lindy earlier this year...just wasn't a color that spoke to me...but I regret it now. Having said that, I's too expensive to not love it.
  12. I've been reading Lindy threads and I just hope that I don't regret it when other leathers or colors come out like Birkins and Kellys. I'm feeling like I should wait. I slept on it but still wondering.
  13. It's cute but I'm an easy-access kind of girl and found the closure to be a pain. Leaving it undone made it look a bit sloppy.
  14. I can't tell you if it's worth it, only you know your budget! I love this design for its casual look. It reminds me of those vintage makeup cases with the square zippered flaps (LV made one I think). I would enjoy carrying this to the park, brunch or matinee. (I would love one in white) It sounds like you may be more undecided than absolute. Ask yourself if you had a choice of this lindy or another, which would stir you more?

  15. I actually passed on two Lindys--blue jean and blue brighton............i find it too folded up and the flap sags in and I didnt like the straps. cute on other people over the shoulder but two much straps and flaps for me.