should i keep this lesportsac?

  1. i bought it yesterday from macys, i liked the print when i first saw it, i got that smaller styled messenger thats in my bag showcase, in the london print, but i never expect it to be so roomy, TOO roomy lol. so i got this, its smaller scale, but do you think it is worth it? it was 43 dollars. i attached some hurried pictures below. TIA!!
  2. I think the print is cute. As far as price, I prefer leather, so I'm not the best judge. Oftentimes, I see le-sportsac at Marshall's but not always in the design you may be looking for. $43 isn't a huge amount of money if you like it and think you will be using it.
  3. I love my Lesportsac if you're gonna ACTUALLY use it [I have tons of bags that just sit there :sad: ], I would say keep it.

    I use my tote almost everyday (for the past 6 months) and it still looks new! The material feels filmsy, but in actuality, it's quite strong!
  4. hey, we had a 25% off presale thing going on for that bag like a week ago. I didn't pay attention to see if it was on sale today or not, if it is you could probably go in and get a price adjustment lol

    and i love lesportsac bags, i once used one in pouring rain and everything inside my bag was DRY! plus it's very sturdy and is a good bag all around.
  5. 25 percent off?! where? thanks for giving me the heads up! yeah i would use this alot, my only thing was i have this smaller styled messenger, that is too big imo for every day stuff but then i didnt know if i shiould just deal and keep using that one or not.
  6. i was thinking of buying that print in a tote, it was TOO cute! but then i thought which need was greater, but i really like that print on the tote..maybe i should head over to the outlets and see if theres a smaller scale bag like the one im asking about and then can have both lol.
  7. at Macys. Did you buy yours at full price? the 25% off should run through until Sunday
  8. yeah, they said only the old ones were on sale, none of the fun stuff..