Should I keep this Legacy Satchel?

  1. I need your opinions! This gets complicated, so please try to follow along :p

    I found this black leather Legacy Satchel (#10330) at the outlets yesterday for $327 (orig. $698). It is different than the current Legacy Satchel in the stores right now (#11130, price went down to $768) and the one I bought doesn't have turnlock closures on the front pockets, which I like. They do have turnlocks on the side compartments though.

    1) Is the 10330 an older model or was it created specifically for the outlets?
    2) Do you guys think I should keep this one or return it and get something else?
    A) If I do keep the satchel, what should I get instead? I have $200 worth of COACH gift cards left, a 40% off letter, and a 25% off PCE card (this expires 12/29)

    I need a new black bag and was also considering the Slim Carly in black, but not both.

    What do you think?? :confused1: Help!! TIA
    legacy satchel 06.jpg
  2. If you aren't in love with it then I'd return it and get something that you really want. You could get a great deal on a bag with all the credit and discounts you have! Or... I see in your wishlist you want the slim carly in parchment/khaki too. If you keep the satchel in black, you could use your credit and discounts to get the khaki/parchment carly! :graucho:
  3. To answer your questions, that is the model from 2006, it is JUST hitting the outlets. I think it is pretty but it is heavy and kind of hard to get into.. I personally prefer a shoulder bag..but if it works for you then keep it, it is beautiful! :tup: Otherwise there are black ali's at the outlets now too, or even Mandys.. they are on great deals also, or the Carly is always a great choice! :tup:
  4. It's definitely not a "made for factory" purse, it is an older model (2006) which its inventory was transferred to the Outlets. I have the same one in Pond (purchased from an Outlet as well) but it doesn't have a "bullseye" nor any "factory" markings on the Creed. But I do agree with tlloveshim - if you don't love it, then you should return it and get what you love instead. Yea, if you do keep the Black Satchel, you can use your credit and discounts to purchase the Khaki/Parchment Carly like tlloveshim suggested. :tup:
  5. Yeah, this satchel is from '06 and it's very nice. I like it better than the slim Carly. It is Heavy and if you can handle that then keep it! :yes:
  6. I think its a beautiful bag. I believe it is an older style. If you don't love it you should return it.
  7. I do love the Legacy bags for their prominent hardware. I wanted the 07 Satchel but I would rather keep the 06 instead of paying more (even after the discounts). I am thrilled at the deal, I just wanted to make sure the one I bought wasnt made of lower quality for the Factories.

    Thanks ladies! I think I'll keep it! :yes:
    Also, I'll probably use the PCE card to buy the 1/2" Signature bangle bracelet ... now to decide what to use my 40% off on...:okay:

  8. FYI, the bags made for the factory outlet are not of lower quality.
  9. I have this one. I like it better than the 2007 model. I also like the buckles on the front pockets because they are actually magnetic closures - easy in and out, and not likely to break off like the turnlocks. Very practical bc you can set it down unlike slim flaps which have no bottom. I like the fact that the hook goes over the top of the purse - a little security without having to actually unzip the bag or lift up an entire flap to get into it.
  10. Just a word to the wise... the bag is sooooooo heavy that after filling it with my "essentials" it became very uncomfortable to carry. (I think it weighed in at close to 8 lbs., which was way to much for me.) So this beauty of a bag sits in the dark recesses of my closet.

    If I could return it, I would but it's already been worn. I'm sure I'm not saying anything new, but it doesn't matter how good a deal a bag is if you don't use it.
  11. YUP :tup:
  12. I had that exact same bag and mine got so heavy that the handles actually fell off!!! The stiching came undone in less than two months, so needless to say I took it right back to the store I bought it from and they gave me my money back. If I were you I would go for the slim carly.
  13. I saw that bag at the outlets and really liked it
    I think it would go with a lot of clothes , however if you feel uncertian about it then return in for a bag you are 100% about
  14. I think you should keep it
  15. I still like this bag better than the slim carly, but I carried mine last night and my arm hurts today!!! :nuts: It was like a freaking workout! I will def. only pack the bare minimum next time!