Should I keep this Julianne???

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  1. I bought this bag at Saks and it was 70% off. :yahoo:I do like the bag and I like the color. The color is chestnut. To me it seems like a really rich looking tan color (makes my oatmeal emily look pale in comparison). Anyway, my concern is the two dark spots on the bottom of the bag. The spots are on the piping where the it looks like they bonded the seams together. I saw a julianne on eBay that had these same spots. If anyone has this bag, please let me know if it's supposed to look this way and whether or not it will get worse or spread. Also, please let me know if there's a way to clean it.

    HPIM0222.JPG HPIM0224.JPG
  2. Wow! Great find! I don't have any advice about the spots though - just wanted to say congrats :balloon:
  3. 70% off on a Julianne - you better keep it!! LOL...I love the bag in general - but the color can work if you work it with the right outfit - like all black or something - it's a gorgeous bag and at that price use it enjoy it - and then (if you want to) sell it for just as much as you paid for it!
  4. Congrats! It's a nice color and a great steal! :yahoo:
  5. I plan on keeping the bag. I think it's a great year round color. Thanks, everyone!!!
  6. No One will notice the spots except you! Great bag!
  7. GREAT color!
  8. You sound like my niece and DH. :smile: DH just looked at me like I was crazy and my niece said they're on the bottom, who cares! I'm just being paranoid. I do like the bag and got it from a reptuable store. It's a keeper!
  9. congrats!! and don't feel too bad about the spot hating. i get really anal over any little imperfection- my bf is always telling me "stop, just love it. give the poor bag a break!"
  10. lovely bag and great deal. congrats! it's a good thing the spots are on the bottom of the bag, so it's not noticeable. however, i sympathize as they would bother me too. have you tried a leather cleaner on them to see if perhaps that would make them lighter? i would take it to a professional leather cleaner and see what they can do about it. good luck!
  11. ^^ The thing is, I don't think it's dirt. I think the glue they used to put the seams together on the edges, darkened. The spots are very consistent, on the seams on both sides of the bag. I might contact MJ to see what they say.
  12. it's very lovely-- the 2 small spots don't take away any of the beauty of the bag