Should I keep this Gucci? Or go for an LV??

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I am in quite a dilemma. I bought a small jolicoeur for $464 during the gucci online sale. It is the tote with the brown trim. Now, I am not sure if I should keep it. Any inputs on this bag? Is this a good deal for this bag?

    Or, should I put the money towards an LV??

    It is the bag on the right

    Help, I am really torn....

  2. I'll think you're going to biased answers here, but I would save for an LV. Not a fan of Gucci.
  3. I think it's a nice tote and you got it at a great price. I'm not a big fan of Gucci either but I'm guessing you like Gucci. If I were a Gucci fan, I'd keep it.
  4. I don't like Gucci at all, but if you do, then keep it! It's a nice size and you did get it on sale, after all!
  5. That's the problem...I love LV and I also like gucci...if only my bank account supported both my addictions!

    It was on sale...but I am still not sure if I should keep it, or save up for an LV.


  6. Definately will get some bias in here--- I say save up for an LV unless you REALLY love that Gucci bag. But I think that if you are asking, you probably don't love the bag enough, so get an LV that you will love!!
  7. Sorry! It's the bag on the LEFT, NOT THE RIGHT!!

  8. I think you should decide if you really like it or not.
    If you LOVE it than keep it. Check out LV's website and if you see something you like more than return it. You have a few days to decide. You still paid a lot of money for it so if you are having second thoughts it might not be the bag for you...
  9. It figures that I like the bag on the right better (sorry). What ShoppingPrincess said makes alot of sense...if you're questioning your purchase maybe you should return it. If you don't feel that love when it arrives it's probably not a good sign.
  10. I honestly dislike Gucci bags .... go for LV! If you can't decide, keep the Gucci and buy a LV!
  11. A BH would be so much better.
  12. I don't like gucci either...I find that it is too easily faked! Its a good price but I find that Gucci does not have a good resale value! I would go with a LV...
  13. It's a good price. But i rather go for LV. Totally!!!! You should keep that tote and get something else in LV. It's a final sale, you can't return it. But don't sell it on eBay, you won't get a good price.
  14. well perhaps I am in the minority when I say I actually do like Gucci, but I do not prefer in over LV and I have to agree with what others have said in that if you are in fact questioning your purchase already than you should def. return it and get something you can't live without, but this could also be buyers remorse.
  15. The only Gucci I really love is my 20 year old doctor's bag in brown, but that is a cute tote. I agree with all the other posters though because $400+ is a lot of money and if you don't love it, you wouldn't have to add that much to buy an LV. Just $200 more and you have a mono speedy 30. Or you could get a neverful which is similar in style.

    It's a cute bag though if you do like Gucci.