Should I keep this Ferragamo bag?

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  1. I love it! Ferragamo bags are GREAT!!!! Very classy, clean lines, and subtle which is why I'm getting into them as of late. Not sure about the leather on this particular bag but I saw the black version at my NM. IIRC the leather was slightly pebbled but in this pic it doesn't appear to be. So, not really sure but I think it's a great purchase!
  2. Keep! It's a gorgeous bag. I love Ferragamo's simplicity and elegance.
  3. Ferragamo bags are beautiful.
  4. Yes, it's a keeper - a great color (fawn) and a classic shoulder bag! I would wear this bag year round....:tup:
  5. the one I saw at Nordie has smooth leather...keep it. I love Ferragamo.
  6. From the picture it looks like this is smooth leather. I love it! Ferragamo bags are very classy and very easy to carry. I hope you will post pics when you get it.
  7. Keep it! :tup: It's a lovely, versatile color. Plus, Ferragamo bags are timeless and classy, making them good investments, IMO.
  8. keep it.. verry classy.. you can forward it to your daughter and granddaughter in the future
  9. Ferragamo bags are so classy! Not to mention the amazing quality, so I'd say keep it.
  10. To the OP: I think this bag is a classic, as almost all of the Ferragamo are! The leather is super nice, I love my Marisa and I think you'll love it!! Keep it!!
  11. I think it's a beautiful bag, and I'm very fussy about wanting only clean-lined bags. I especially like the hardware on the closure. I suspect you'll be happy when it arrives.
  12. Yah! I'm glad everyone has nice things to say about ferragamo, it's scheduled to arrive next week and I'll try to take some pics ;)
  13. Yes, I think you should. Ferragamo bags are lovely.
  14. i like the colour of that ferragamo... you should keep it!