Should I keep this Fendi?

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  1. just got it at eluxury, what do you guys think?

    fendi.jpg fendi1.jpg fendi close up.jpg
  2. btw, got it at $401 :yahoo:
  3. Congrats! nice.....:tup:
  4. Wow, I love it and great price, too!
  5. Well, how much do "you" like it? That's what matters. I think it is a nice bag, kind of a cross between the (baguette?) and (b bag?) Sorry, I am not sure of my Fendi style names (I only know the Spy for sure!)
  6. i like it, it's my first fendi. And it actually looks much better on me than on the table. I just don't know how to take care of it. It's canvas+patent leather:wlae:
  7. wow, i love the blue color! when i ordered mine, there's only this black one, so i had no choice. you got a good deal too, and it's leather bag!

    i've decided to keep it:smile:
  8. Thanks, and good move keeping yours! You'd be nuts to let it go at that price, lol! :nuts:
  9. I think they're gorgeous bags! I like smaller bags so its a nice look played down from the B bag! Good choice keeping it