Should I keep this Edith? Ready to cut Tag?

  1. Ok, here goes. I ordered a medium Whiskey. I received a large Chamois. I am loving it :heart: and am ready to cut the tag and commit, but need some HONEST feedback from my PF pals PLEASE first! :shame:
  2. I love that one! Warm tones, squishy looking...looks perfect! I say cut away!
  3. The color and texture of that leather is DIVINE!!! KEEP HER!!!!!!!!
  4. Wow, wish mine was as squishy, love it!
  5. If you can, go for it!!! It's a beauty!
  6. Whoa chicbags, she's so scrumply and full of character! Sounds like you've already bonded with her. I would cut that tag!
  7. Geez, how lucky are you?! Keep that bag and tell me where you managed to have that mix up so I can shop there! Was it an online order or a store charge send? And best of all, were you charged the medium price for the large bag?? :biggrin:
  8. I cant believe how scrupled yours is! This is by far the most beautiful wrinkles i've seen on an Edith. You should keep her!:yes:
  9. Oh she is gorgeous! I would keep her for sure!
  10. ^^^ I so agree with Tod! She's absolutely lovely! She also looks more sandy than the others I've seen! Keep her! She's perfect!
  11. Thank you ladies - I love having all of you to chat with :love: :heart: :yes:

    It was a store send and there was a delay and I think a mix-up on mine and someone else's. I called the gen mgr, not my SA, as she was a bit snooty. I was charged for the medium - the receipt was in the box. They said I could return or I could keep it and not pay the difference, as it was their error. I had to let them know as I didn't want any bad karma :shame:!

    So, looks like I am cutting the tag. It is big, but I do love the over the shoulder straps. And the leather is divine IMO. But I needed to get your eyes, as this is my first Edith. Guess I was lucky :roflmfao:!

    Meant to be :heart:
  12. Yeah, seriously!

    I have and love that bag. You gotta like a big bag though!
  13. Oh she is sooooo beautiful! This is the Chamois that made me reconsider my color choice!!!
  14. it's stunning. can you post a pic of it on your shoulder? what are the measurements--i didn't know the edith came in a size like that....that was one fortuituous mistake. they say everything happens for a reason, right?
  15. She's a beauty! Commit and enjoy a long life together!