Should I keep this dome bag. (Pictures attached)

  1. Help, Please tell me whether you think this bag looks too big on me or not? The sales lady said that I should not pass this gorgeous bag.
    I like the color/shape but not the size. I need a everyday bag.
    pencel_dome_bag.jpg domechloe1.JPG pencel_dome_bag2.jpg
  2. Is this the large dome (i.e. about 20" across)--and is that a sketch of you and the bag? It looks large but not overpowering, I like the look, but then again, I like big bags. If it is too big and you are uncomfortable, then no matter how great the deal, it's not worth it.
    The main thing is that you have to love the bag. It's a beautiful bag.
  3. The large dome is LARGE? You don't sound convinced. Also did you sketch a frown on your face???
  4. I agree with llson, if you don't love it, return it and buy something that you will love. You have to be the one to like it, no one else.
  5. Thanks for all your reply.
    Llson, Is this the large dome? Yes, 20" across.

    I like the bag when I first saw it at the store. This morning I carried it at the front of mirror, the bag really looked like a suitcase. I asked my little one took some pictures of this bag on me, he asked: Are you going to somewhere, Mommy? That was result of my first sketch. (converted from photos, no frown or any manual touch up added) Why our body always seems 10 lbs heavier in a photo, a bag shrinks a few inches?

    You are absolutely right. I am one who needs to love the bag and feel comfortable to carry it.
  6. Hi Melody- I think the bag looks gorgeous, but it is on the large side, perhaps a little overpowering...
  7. Melody - the simple solution is to find the SMALLER version of the same thing on sale. That's what I have and I love it with a passion. It will be a much more manageable size for everyday wear. I bought mine for 50% off from a Chloe boutique and it was originally $1935 or so. I'm pretty sure both Neiman's and Bergdorf's have it still in stock online for full price but they will be marking it down fairly soon. Also check to see if Bloomingdales has any of the smaller ones on sale - probably at least at 30% off. Good luck!
  8. If you don't love it you shouldn't keep it. It looks nice on you, so it's totally your call.
  9. Adding to the list where you might find one.....Nordstroms. Many are finishing their seasonal sales, but there are still a few around. I called a store in Chicago (Oakbrook) and they had a Teal one (not sure what size)--she had it in the back as they are clearing out their sale items--the price was $1079 down from $1840. Some of the stores in CA may have some left. I have the smaller Whiskey patent Dome and I love it (ordered it from Nordstrom's Seattle).
    Good luck with your decision.
  10. Thank you. divnanata. I will follow your simple solution to find my simple satisfaction.
  11. Thank you. You may just solve my problem. I will give my lovely SA a call tomorrow to ask her to find a small size for me. I will mention to her about Oakbrook. If the original price is not 2100, then it should be the smaller size. Teal color is better for me.
  12. Thank you, Rubylola and lanasyogamama The bag alone is beautiful. But it does looks big on me.