Should I keep this beauty >_<

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  1. So I had been on the waiting list for this Pochette Metis for over a month and it's finally here. My first intention was to use it as a casual crossbody bag l, but when I show it to my friends they said it doesn't look good on me :sad: Now that made me second guess my decision :sad: I need yoy honest opinion whether it's the bag for my type of body. I'm 5ft1 btw. Thank youuu

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  2. Of course not!! It looks good on you but only you can decide if you want to keep it or not ,honestly i think it suits you perfectly are you sure they are your friends?&#55357;&#56833;
  3. Did they say why? I think it looks fine!
  4. They said it makes me look like a little school girl &#128514;&#128514;
  5. Keep it girl! I think it looks great.
  6. Uhm ok... lol. Well, if it's going to make me look younger I am walking (or better yet, running) to buy one.
  7. Keeeeep!!
  8. i saw the picture before i read your question. My immediate thought on looking at the picture was: Doesn't that bag look smart on her! It suits her! I don't know you (only you can decide if the bag suits your needs) but it looks great!
  9. That's funny! The bag looks good on you. I think your friends' experiences with the shape of this bag explains that comment. The shape of the bag is classy to me. I hope you are enjoying it.
  10. keep!! it looks great on you.
  11. Keep!!!! I love it on you!!!!!!
  12. IT LOOKS FANTASTIC ON YOU!!! Girl, you keep that bag but only if you live it like the rest of us here on Purse Forum &#10084;&#65039;&#10084;&#65039;&#10084;&#65039;
  13. It looks great on you!! I have this bag and it's my most used bag...I'm also 5'
  14. Honey you r beautiful. The bag is fine and if you love it whats wrong
    Maybe some hate is in the air. Second who r these friends that can tell if a purse looks good on or not? Lol
  15. Keep! Looks good.